Faith Vs. Foolishness

     Dear GutsIsKey Reader; many of you know that my background involves professional and ministerial aspects. Also, it is plain that I am a salt of the earth, rough around the edges sort of guy. Not your typical Preacher type.  But instead of hiding my peculiarities; I choose to celebrate them.

     I know that during the course of my life, I am commissioned to bring certain messages to people via God’s influence that I alone am uniquely designed to communicate. The following is one such mission.

     Many people are attracted to faith but are alienated from God, by so-called messengers. In the name of faith; many market utter foolishness. Things that do not make sense to spirit, mind or heart.  Yet often, the more counterfeits are too be found; the more certain that we can be that there is a genuine truth to mimic.

     This BEAM is designed to deal with a few of these troubling issues that might help some of you; in your search for a real and meaningful faith.

     Point #1 –  Faith always looks to serve humanity for good & produces a bountiful harvest. Foolishness only looks to take more than it gives.. Many false credo’s have surfaced in the name of religion that deceive many and turn others away, who are looking for the real and authentic.

     Name it claim it doctrines have caused many to confuse their own self service with the service of God. The truest indicator that this is error are the words of the Master to Peter; “If you love me; feed my sheep.” True service to God always results in honest service to man. This is a clear evidence that faith is genuine, when loving people naturally proceeds from loving God.

     Point #2 – Faith leads to accomplishments that benefit all, including the individual. Foolishness focuses only on the shallowness of self.. Back in the 90’s, there was a huge Prosperity movement in the halls of Christianity. If God loves us, then He wants to bless us and so we have Divine permission to ask for whatever we want. THIS IS ABSURD! God is in the business through Christ of redeeming human souls to a Divine nature. And the Divine nature can only be understood by the example of Jesus. And Jesus embodied serving His Father and humbly walking a down to earth course; in teaching us how to experience this redemption.

not my will but Yours Father

  Point #3 – Faith enlightens the heart of man, with the wisdom of God-The foolish heart is puffed up with vanity & arrogance from an empty self.

     While it is true, that the life filled with the presence of God will exemplify wisdom, honor and reverent power. It is not true in any way that the service of God will make one vain and self-serving. The exact opposite is the case. To be like God means that virtue and character is created in the life, through worship and love; not pride and pompousness.

     Point #4 – Faith builds character and the attitude of joyful Service. Foolishness breeds selfishness & contempt & bitterness of soul..

     God’s servants do not resemble someone who has been weaned on a pickle. While it is absolutely accurate that the true messenger of God is all about service and duty. It is not a duty that is characterized by a long face and a forlorn heart. The real messenger of God finds gratification and happiness in serving God and his or her fellow-man. It may be duty but it is a fulfilling and enriching duty.

     Point #5 – Faith prospers mind, heart & body. Foolishness is short-sighted and ignores the needs of one area to attain selfishness in another..

     One of the chief indicators that a faith is out of whack is a lack of balance. God made us whole creatures and He deals with us in the whole of our lives. A certain indication of the true presence of God is grace, strength and the BIGGIE = BALANCE; in the picture of our existence.

       God is the ultimate wisdom and a life enriched by His touch will evidence this blessing in many ways and never one way, to the exception of all others.

     Point #6 – Faith ennobles us to claim our highest achievement. Foolishness demeans us to take what is not rightly ours..

     Faith is never jealous. God inspires the heart to reach for its own highest possibility. We are not full of avarice and greed, when Christ is our king. In honor to his restoring and healing touch, we want to be our best possible in all areas. But are perfectly willing to recognize the gifts and graces of another, without trying to usurp their special calling, instead of developing our own.

     Point #7  – Faith reaches for all it can honestly attain & produces healthy results. Foolishness tries to steal what it can not honestly expect.

     Building on point seven. It is important to realize that God is not jealous of our success. Many act as if God wants them to grovel in some pool of hurt and despair. That is certainly not the God I serve; the Father that Jesus painted to us in His teachings.

     While we may have to deal and not be exempted from the heart-rending and painful; God wants us to stretch for our highest human potential. It brings honor to Him, when we find blessings and honor in our lives, as a result of the presence of His truths.  Do you have a dream. Go for it. If it is healthy; God probably put it there, for you to reach!

     Point #8 – There is a difference between faith and foolishness. Faith leads to gain. Foolishness produces nothing of good.

     I write this BEAM as Doctor’s orders to some of you.  Some of what people have told you causes you to struggle in really giving your life to God. Just remember, that God can speak for Himself. And he can speak directly to you. This was the revelation of George Fox and it can be yours today.

     When you are trying to seek God; you will be able to tell if something is not right. It will not resonate on the inside of you. God has a special temple today. It is inside of you; your heart. While you always try to learn from others; never forget that the place of final instruction is what God says directly to you.

     Don’t get tripped up by the foolishness of others. Let God reveal Himself directly to you. Your revitalized faith will be like a Living Spring invigorating your whole life. And that is my prayer for you.

“SLAM” a.k.a. Tim G. Carter

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Author, Trainer, Pastor, Spiritual Coach, Inspirational Speaker, 12 step follower Thinker, Entrepreneur, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Fisherman, Gardener, and Shotokan YonDan (5th degree black belt). Visionary; Maker of original sayings, slogans and giver of spiritual help. "If God has a pulse, then I can feel it." Nicknamed "Slam" / Creator of #Slamism ... 's on Twitter @cccdynapro
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  1. Nelson Afrisoh Amandong says:

    great write up and as true as the fact that one plus one equal two

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