G.U.T.S. #33 – Green Uniforms The Sphere

     Yes, Guts Is The Key Reader; I know I am overdue for another G.U.T.S. acrostic installment. So here it is:

     GUTS #33 – Green Uniforms The Sphere –

     I am not known as a tree hugger. But in reality, I am very environmentally concerned and active, in outdoor related and natural issues. When I was a pre-teen, I won a speech contest, entitled. “This I believe.” My topic was the dangers of pollution and what we can do about them. This speech even as a 10 or 11 year old was motivated by a passion to protect the out of doors and to do something about pollution. I won the Optimist Oratorical contest in my community for that speech. I hope my speech can continue to win attention in other people’s minds, about what they can do to preserve our wonderful earth heritage.

Optimist Oratorical Contest

     My father was a tree surgeon when I was a boy. We took many long walks in the woods, where he would tell me about every kind of plant and tree. So a love for nature was deeply ingrained in my upbringing. A love which still grows today.

Tree Surgery

     I have always been a fisherman. There have been seasons that fishing was my most enjoyable pursuit.  There was even a season that the healing of  fishing and nature changed my life’s course. Through the years,  I have fished creeks, rivers, lakes, the surf and the deep sea. A love for the water and its living beauty has filled my life. I hope that it will continue to.

"Slam" is an avid outdoorsman.

“Slam” is an avid outdoors-man.

     I have also been a hunter, for most of my life.  I was so determined to become more deeply saturated by this love that I ran a animal check in station, for the Game Commission in Florida; to get closer to the animals and the mindset of the hunters. During this season, I started a hunting related company called Eagle Ventures in the 90’s and produced hunting related vehicles and supplies. I hoped I would be able to mesh my career into the pursuit of this great love.  Even though the company no longer exists. My business partner and closest friend, Cecil Stanley and I; still gather a couple of times a year to hunt together and retreat to the woods.

Tim in camo

     Unlike some of the animal activist groups. I find the platform of hunting and fishing an effective way to give back to earth [although I respect the activities of most of these other groups that are trying in their own way, to give back to earth]. So, I am always interested in game-land preservation and how to promote it. I am interested in the health of natural habitat and causes to protect it. Furthermore, I am a true lover of nature watching, even when hunting and fishing is not involved. I love to practice getting so still in the woods that animals do not notice that I am there; just for the purpose of seeing them up close.

song bird

     I have other outdoor pursuits as well. I love to garden. I raise hot peppers for fun and food. My father and I gardened together for years. And I have gardened on my own, throughout the course of my life. The magic of how a seemingly lifeless object is turned into a flourishing animated biological wonder, fills me with awe.


My hot pepper garden is ready for spring planting. :)

My hot pepper garden is ready for spring planting. 🙂

      I take regular sojourns into nature just to experience the out of doors. When I was a child, my favorite activity (besides athletics) was to play in the woods. Additionally, I am an experienced canoeist, hiker and camper. I taught canoeing, when I was a teenager at a YMCA camp. My brother and I used to go white water canoeing regularly. I used to take regular summer small mouth bass fishing trips floating down a river for a week. Some of my fondest memories are of those float trips.


     You get the picture. I am quite passionate about our natural world. I have been to the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, both  American seashores, Atlantic and Pacific. I have spent time on mountains and in swamps.  In the tropics, I snorkeled the coral reefs. In Scotland, I went to the lochs. In Germany, I hiked in the woods. I hope it is evident. I LOVE nature.

     In my hunting stand, I treasure the reminders that we often take for granted: our clothes, warmth, food, shelter; even being able to go to the bathroom. Getting out in the elements and experiencing them without a few of our creature comforts will bring you “down to earth.” It reminds you, just how modern Mankind in general is a spoiled lot. We love our technologically cozy conveniences and forget about the natural life, that they shield us from. // Our world is so out of touch, with how critically linked we are to our natural world.

I lost one of my closest friends last year; a great man of the earth; Jack Miller. We loved to hunt and fish together!

I lost one of my closest friends last year; a great man of the earth; Jack Miller. We loved to hunt and fish together!

     Yet, without the beautiful but fragile film of greenery that covers the land mass of our planet. All of the things we take for granted would screech to a halt suddenly. If we forget to take care of the earth that sustains us, we may find our modern conveniences of little good. There is a desperate need, for each of us to realize how critically dependent we are upon the natural wonders around us.

     My way to help with preserving the outdoors is to observe game-laws and teach others to do so, raise awareness of outdoor issues, create interest in the out-of-doors and speak openly and actively about woods and water issues. Hopefully, I can grow my speaking endeavor, in the area of being an adventurous outdoors-man.  I guess its not exactly the Green Peace way but it is my way and it is genuine…… I intend to do my part in giving back to Mother Earth.

My daughter took this picture in Max Patch, Tennessee.

My daughter took this picture in Max Patch, Tennessee.

     — I guess the whole point of this Guts Installment is to remind us, to be actively involved; each one of us, in our own way. Involved in loving and preserving this wonderful living envelope, that we enjoy around us.

     G.U.T.S. #33 – Green Uniforms The Sphere. In the same way that what we wear enhances our lives. The natural wonders of earth are the garment that makes it lovely. It is the very bedrock link, that we come from. The natural wonder that generates the existence of all earth life. The well from which our physical sustenance springs. // Nobody is cool that does not love their mother. Be cool! Love your mother earth. Find some way, to give back to this amazing planet.

joy in the woods

joy in the woods

"Slam" - A little rough around the edges & earthy, to the core.

“Slam” – A little rough around the edges & earthy, to the core.

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