The Song of the Heart

      Dear Guts is The Key reader. If you have been following me for a while, like some of you have. You know that I am a little mystic. Sometimes I know things that others might think mysterious. Hunches and Instincts come powerfully to me at times, with footprints that are unmistakeably spiritual. You may ask? Do you have the visions or Do the visions have you. The answer is Yes. ……. In my case, The heart can know what the mind does not understand.

The heart can know what the mind can not see!

The heart can know what the mind can not see!

      Yet, even though I am somewhat mystically inclined. I take great pains, not to be weird, way out or so religious that I am no earthly good. I am convinced that many people see the heart of God & love Him; even though they do not like the showy trappings of religion. I am one of these.  I am a George Fox style Quaker. I have a direct connection with God and a plain connection, with His people. I often sense and see the fingerprints of our Maker, that are not seen by those around me.

Quaker life

      Yet in true Quaker style; I am also simple in many ways. The older I get, the more my spiritual revelations seem to be rooted and grounded in plain truth and honesty. The greatest evidence of God’s goodness is the amazing life transformation that He can do in a live reverently devoted to Him. I am one of these evidences.

Quaker values

     That is what this BEAM is all about. It is a song of the heart from a man who hears spiritual songs from above. …..  All artistic expressions are a melody of sort, I think. No matter if they be written-drawn or otherwise created. The song of the heart is expressed many ways. My gift is my words; spoken and written. In them, I sing my song. The song really sings me. I guess that sounds strange; so I will leave it at that.

The Song of life

      I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that: The Great Creator never tires of filling us with amazing revelations of beauty and peace. It is only our capacity to receive them that lacks, in development. Like Jesus parable of the wineskins, we often can not hold the new wine; because of inflexible positions, unwilling hearts and closed spirits. We need new wineskins, to receive the new wine. To be formed into what the Great Potter wants us to be; we must become available and flexible in His Holy hands.

new wineskins

    In the same way that there R radio waves all around us that we do not see-God’s wonderful influence is always present-ready for us 2 tune in. It is my duty and call in life, to help others see this Living call that He desires to communicate to them. Yes, to help them find The Song of the Heart.

    The soul that is yielded to the Great Master’s touch must speak when He says. The gift is only fully given to willing recipients. It is no great thing that He speaks to me. It is only a great thing, when I allow Him to speak through me.

     In the same way that a fire grows brighter by blowing on it; the creative soul is only empowered by external opposition. Friction only makes the rough smooth. Challenge only makes the conviction truer, through the battle to express it. It may take much seeking to find the awesome floodings of God’s secret powers but these times of providence are worth any cost of sacrifice. This is experience talking. My greatest treasure in life, is the private counsel of The Almighty.

God's voice

      There are times that if I do not yield to the Creator’s power, I feel that I will certainly burst from the restraint. There are those that think I should be totally business minded and moderate and constrain this spiritual passion. But I can not. Paul said “Woe is me, if I preach not the gospel.” 1st Corinthians 9:16

      Jeremiah said: But if I say, “I will not mention his word or speak anymore in his name,” his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot.” Jeremiah 20:9  Vision to the inclined soul is like swimming in a mighty stream. Once you jump in; it takes you where it will. God’s mighty stirrings are like that.

fire in my bones

      The muse comes calling when the time is right. When it comes calling, the artist must heed the beckon call or quench the stirring rapture. When the sun comes up-the birds sing. It is their essence & nature. The soul of an artist is like that. They must release their heart’s song through their own canvas of expression.

    The nature of the soul impressed and consumed by the desire to create can laugh and cry at the same time; the passions are so strong.  They are in-describable. The soul of a mystic is like a candle that flickers in winds that others can not see. But they can know they are there, in the movement of the candle.

     A true artist or author has to create whether any body sees or not. It is a passion that must be expressed. It is like a fire in the bones. When the soul is deeply passionate about the purpose of The Creator; an inner harmony is produced that makes a powerful resonance shine out!

      The expressions of these artistic yearnings become The Song of the Heart of those so inclined. My sister Detra may never be recognized by the world but I know, from watching her passions; that she was a great artist.


This was one of my sister’s most beautiful works of art! Spring-Maids-Dancing

     God endows us with talents and capabilities that must come out in the course of our life or we can not experience fulfillment. Let the words of this writing be the song of the muse to call you also, to let God sing through you some beautiful, stirring, song of the heart.

Karate is one of the ways, I sing the song of my heart.

Karate is one of the ways, I sing the song of my heart.

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6 Responses to The Song of the Heart

  1. letmemoveyou says:

    Thank you for sharing this inspirational post, Slam. I believe we all have great gifts within us, and when we are in tune with who we are, and our purpose in life, we discover and hone them. There is greatness in us all.

    And your song is such a beautiful song. 🙂

  2. And I totally agree with Shelly’s reply! What a great share, Slam…and such good timing for me. Seems, more and more, do I find myself saying that about something I’m reading 🙂

    God’s so good, I’m so grateful.

  3. Tim Baumgartner says:

    Very well written. Thanks for sharing.

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