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     Dear GutsIsTheKey Reader. Our world is absolutely possessed with Sex Appeal. Nearly everyone wants to be more desirable to the other sex. This is certainly no secret. And if one is able to market successfully to this thought, then business will beat his or her door down. 

Marilyn Monroe 2

     It is not such a raving topic but in the same way that certain things can make someone “Appeal” to the other sex; there are certain things that can make a sales professional “Appeal” to customers. What is sex appeal? Simple, when you are desirable and people of the other sex want you.

Marilyn Monroe

     What is sales appeal? Simple, when you are desirable to your customers and people want to buy from you. And unlike sex appeal; sales appeal really is something that you can take definite steps to influence and increase.

      This Beam is designed to give you some tips and concrete ideas, on how to increase your sales appeal.

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  1. Absolutely greet people warmly and with contagious friendliness. / First impressions really are crucial. The moments of first contact with a customer or prospect can radically mold the environment of the sales dialogue towards a great relationship and likely sale. Whether you feel like it or not; greet people with warmth and friendliness. / This is not phony. Far from it. Practicing being enthusiastically friendly will make you a better person and more genuine.   loyal friend

  2. Be Outrageously positive. / Sometimes when people ask me how I am, I will answer with a string of superlatives. Amazing, awesome, dynamite, fantastic, incredible, blessed, happy and energized. Or I can say 100 more. And I have practiced saying them so regularly that they spill from my tongue with energy and convincing persuasion. Nobody wants to buy from a dead fish. Be the kind of person that you would enjoy being around and you will find that your customers will like being around you!  outrageously positive

  3. Practice genuineness. / That word phony is like an anathema for me. It is like a plague that is to be avoided at all costs. Being real with people will more often than not win them over to you. Nothing is more repelling to a prospect than a disingenuine and insincere sales rep. Want to win customers. Let them sense that you are the real deal!  100% real

  4. Be driven about Value. / I drive people in my organization crazy trying to serve my customers well. It is not just a concept with me. It is a commitment. But you are just a salesperson, you say.  But that is where value must start. The product or service can not be greater than the representation of those selling it. Sales pros are the face of the company, to the customer. I try to get into all relevant phases of my business; so I can be a multi-faceted asset to my customers. Be driven about value! The word will get out and your business will grow. People will seek you out to buy from you.    value

  5. Outlaw phony, negative, complaining, whining, disrespect and resentment. / People often wonder why they get poor results, when they have crappy attitudes. I try to let my Christian ethics shine in my conduct on the job. I try to be real, positive, thankful, upbeat, respectful and forgiving. If your attitude is good; you are much more likely to “appeal” to your customers.

  6. Be passionate about success. / Don’t just kinda, sorta want to win. Passionately pursue excellence. Go after your best performance with zeal and gusto.  lack of sales passion pic

  7. Learn to really care, not just put on an air. / I try to have a prayerful attitude on the job. If someone has a need, I care. Do not just give lip service to people. Practice being really interested in the welfare of others and it will greatly increase your “appeal” to your customers.

  8. Become an expert at what you do. / People like to consult an authority. Do not just know enough to get by. Work on knowing enough to be an outstanding consultant.  expert

  9. Be comfortable in your own skin. / Relax. Get loose. People are uncomfortable around up-tight people. Enjoy what you do. Let your style shine, as you be the best but most poised person you can be. People will open up to you and tell you more; if they sense you are contented with yourself.

  10. Learn from others but develop your own style. / It is a huge mistake to be unwilling to learn from others. It is also a huge mistake to be a copy cat. Learn to have your own approach. Try the techniques of others but with your own style. 

    Everybody knows that KFC  was the original Fried Chicken Restaurant. Have that kind of reputation in your own business.

    Everybody knows that KFC was the original Fried Chicken Restaurant. Have that kind of reputation in your own business.

  11. Develop the respect of your colleagues and your customers will like you . / If you bad talk those around you; your customers will not trust you. Work for and earn the respect of your colleagues. Let your customers see that you are not a one man or woman show. They will be more open to you as a sales pro, if they see that you are secure enough to recognize the talents and abilities of others. 

  12. Be humble and teachable & YET; Be strong and full of honest conviction. / Being a person of balance; who has a healthy view of others and yet a strong confidence in themselves will earn you the respect and admiration of not only your customers but people in general.  strength through humility

     If you will practice these simple principles of healthy salesmanship. You will definitely sell more. People will love you and not even know why. I do not know that they will increase your “sex appeal” but they will definitely increase your “sales appeal.” 

Your down to earth sales consultant. The one, The only "Slam" Carter. ;)

Your down to earth sales consultant. The one, The only “Slam” Carter. 😉

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  1. Very refreshing ideas. Who the heck is Slam?

  2. Mark Lambeth says:

    Good ideas to keep in mind, whether you’re in sales or not.

  3. Hello! I’ve been following your website for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the good work!

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