Variety is the Spice of Sales

     When I was growing up; I heard many times “Variety is the spice of life.” My mother had many home spun sayings that have served me well through the course of my life. This was one of them.

Variety is the Spice of Life

     Sometimes a change of pace can improve almost anything. Even the most pleasant undertaking can become a rut, when there is no variety. Human beings like change. And so, effective marketing MUST change.

     For ready proof of this just down the street; go to the drive through of your local fast foods store. McDonald’s, Burger King and all the rest are continually upgrading and changing their menus. Many times the menu’s are locally directed and different from market to market. It takes this kind of “in touch marketing” to survive and thrive in today’s market place.


     Logistics is also a necessary name of the game today. The savvy salesman knows that production, procurement and transport efficiencies will benefit the sales offering. Of course, it is up to companies themselves to locate distribution centers near customers and major moves that make a business competitive. But there are many aspects of detailed coordination, to be more attractive to customer’s that can happen on the sales level.


     It is a necessary function of a shrewd sales operator to make sure he or she is choosing to trade in heavy traffic and popular areas.  Or if in a less than desirable area; it is a sales function to make sure that reach out efforts to better area’s are taking place effectively.

     Also the greatest product in the world can flounder, without knowledge of its customers. You may blame the product for not working in a given area, where the marketing is strictly to blame. For instance, marketing in English only; when the cultural mix of your customers calls for other languages and knowledge of other customers.     

America - The Melting Pot

     Also, trying to be everything to everybody is usually unsuccessful.  Selecting market segments on which your organization will focus sales efforts is more fruitful. Over-commitment is not “Variety.” It is a lack of aim. Add variety to the clearly defined “niche” that you best serve. This will increase your achievement. Then, Differ your strategy development approach for each market segment.


     Yes, advertising can drive the customer to you. But advertising needs to be customer directed advertising. What works in your given locale. What works with the demographic group you are trying to reach. Advertising needs to be as inventive as your sales. Don’t be afraid to stand out from your competition, if you have done your homework and know what your customer wants.     

      Some types of implementation of variety are natural. Seasonal offerings and seasonal promotions are generally effective, when well-aimed. Because the seasons affect us all. Do not forget to utilize the natural changes around you, as great stimulators to keep fresh advertising, marketing and sales efforts.     

seasonal marketing

       Also, do not forget the value of target marketing to spice up sales. Can your product be directed towards vacation, trends, popular fads or community pop culture. Aim for specific market groups.

     Never forget that financial incentive is a great motivator for sales creativity. Promise to make rep’s pocket books fatter for certain levels of performance. And you will find that your sales force can be very creative, when personal benefit is used as an enticer.

     Many product lines or services offer companies the possibility of maximizing the value of consultation. Offer educational resources to your consumers that will help them in general and help them see in specific that your product or service offers a solution. Focus groups, customer studies and survey’s, and event directed sales efforts can be pivot points, around which you can do this type of creative marketing.

consultative selling picture

     If you are a sales coach, regularly work with your team to try “new” angles of approach. Even if they adopt their own, thinking through the process of considering other possible approaches will make their efforts more exceptional.

     In my current local business, when buildings are delivered; I crawl under around and through them with the installers. It is amazing what the hands on guys can teach us sales types. Don’t forget the value of factory education and interaction with service generators. This kind of interface can give sales people, a whole new approach that they had never thought of before.

hands on approach

      Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Know what you do and do it well. But don’t ever become market place lethargic. Mix it up. Try something new. Do the same thing, a different way. In so doing you will not only find what my mother told me; that Variety is the Spice of Life. You may find that Variety is also the spice, you needed to revolutionize your sales.

Tim G. Carter - aka "Slam" Inspirational  and; Eagle Thought Leader / A guy who lives Variety!

Tim G. Carter – aka “Slam”
Inspirational and; Eagle Thought Leader / A guy who lives Variety!

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  1. tim, you always, NAIL IT! Great post!

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  3. Great article from you. I like your previous writings. You are just fantastic. I really like your topic here. I like what you’re saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and still keep it smart. I cant wait to read much more from you. This is a great website.

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