“Slam” = The Preacher?

  A lot of times I hate it when people find out I am a preacher. I have found that the greatest minister is also the greatest servant. When I was a Quaker Pastor in Tennessee, I was a little unusual. If your yard needed mowing, I mowed it. If your garden needed tilling, I tilled it. If you needed the digging of a hole, I dug it. When it snowed; I brought the Seniors, milk, eggs and bread to their homes and checked on them, to make sure they were OK, when it was hard for them to get out..

help to Seniors in the snow

     As the Preacher, I also mowed the 6 acres around the church property, taught karate classes in the basement and became best friends and hunted with a true mountain man, in the church. When I went fishing, it was with a good Senior friend with emphysema, who needed me to carry the gear, so he could go himself. Yep, I was a hard working; down to earth preacher.

     The sign on the church said “Friendsville Friends Meeting.” And I liked that. Because that is exactly what I did there. I was a friend to God and my fellow man. And I taught others how to be a friend of God and their fellow man.

       ROFL. I just looked up the term “Rough Preacher” on the Google Images and guess who’s picture pop’s up on the first page. Yep. You guessed it. Mine. 🙂

“Slam” = The Rough Preacher

So for me, Then and now, I would rather be known as a good man, than a religious Goodie-Two shoes. Here are some reasons that I am uncomfortable with the Preacher tag.

  1. I am really rough around the edges and don’t act like a straight laced Preacher type. “Slam” is a nickname first given me by Steve Gutzler and it really does fit.

  2. I really don’t like it when people put on airs, because I am real & I like real. I can’t stand phony and think Preachers ought to be the most down to earth people you ever meet; not white collar prima donnas.

  3. I may have studied a little more and hopefully pray a little more than most But I earnestly believe that we all have equal access and responsibility before God. [This is a big thing, for Quaker’s].   

    Quaker's Think that all have equal responsibility before God to "Minister."
    Quaker’s Think that all have equal responsibility before God to “Minister.”

     4– I am just an average guy at heart, no better, no worse. If I have any spiritual secrets; they are not because I am some super sanctimonious, pious, liturgical bore. The only reason I may have some spiritual secrets is because I really do spend a lot (and I mean a lot! of time seeking God!)

   Anyway, since it is true that I really do think about God a lot. It makes it impossible for me to run too far away, from the preacher tag. But being so earthy and rough warps people’s brain, when they find out I am a preacher.  I even have people so concerned about it; that they find it necessary to remind me that I am a preacher. LOL but its true… 🙂

   So, sometimes I think it would be easier for me, if I could somehow keep people from thinking that I am a Preacher. But, it always comes out and I guess it always will. So it seems that the only healthy way to deal with it, is to accept it… 


   Still, even though an average guy at heart; I have been through a lot of stuff most preachers, in fact most people, never have. Some of it I couldn’t help and some of it I brought on myself. And some of it was just so bizarre that even I have to pinch myself over it. Yet, it has been my destiny to go through many powerfully traumatic experiences. And somehow, even though some of these have been crushing  in difficulty. These experiences have never destroyed me. By God’s grace I usually bounce back, stronger than before. [Even though, it is only the goodness of God that has caused this].

   Because of this, I have developed this belief. = If you really are an instrument of God. He may use you to dig up the dirt of life, around you. But He will always clean you up and make you as good and maybe even better than before. Maybe I had to go through some of these things, so that I can help some of you, when you go through things. 

a helping hand

     I think this is pretty Biblical. In the New Testament it was not the prayers of the religious leaders and officials that got the attention of God. No, it was the sinning tax collector, who did not even feel worthy to pray at all,…..  that Jesus told us had the ear and attention of God. (Luke 8:13)

   I think it is like that today. It does not matter how far you have went down. As long as you humbly [not arrogantly] ask God for help; you will get it. And it has been my experience that He will probably bring you back up higher than before {kinda like a superball}. And He has put people on your path, like me; to help you see this truth. {That, I guess is the real value of a Preacher.}

     Even so, with Preachers Many religious terms get beat to death. And yet, in our secular society; many important ones get neglected or forgotten. “Providence” is one such word. God marvelously weaves wonder into the path of life, if we are looking. I have literally had angelic messengers bring His truth’s to me, on my journey. I have come to know: If we earnestly seek Him; God will reveal Himself to us on the path of life. It is His plan to do so. He longs to fellowship with us.

Angels guiding

     Sometimes, I wonder where in the world today’s kids get their terms and slang from. But some of it is all to clear. Kids talk about wanting to “hang out” with their friends. Boy, this is a real plain term. It reminds me of what I really think God wants to do with us. I do not think God’s chief goals for us are activity centered but relationship centered. He wants to communicate with us. More than that. He wants to “commune” with us! He wants to “hang out” with us.

God literally wants to hold us in the Palm of His hands.
God literally wants to hold us in the Palm of His hands.

So, There you have it! I guess I am “Slam” cause I really am rough around the edges. And I guess I am and will always be a Preacher because I love to tell people about God. But Shhh! don’t tell anybody……………  😉

"Slam" is an avid outdoorsman.

“Slam” is also, an avid outdoorsman.

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Author, Trainer, Pastor, Spiritual Coach, Inspirational Speaker, 12 step follower Thinker, Entrepreneur, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Fisherman, Gardener, and Shotokan YonDan (5th degree black belt). Visionary; Maker of original sayings, slogans and giver of spiritual help. "If God has a pulse, then I can feel it." Nicknamed "Slam" / Creator of #Slamism ... 's on Twitter @cccdynapro
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4 Responses to “Slam” = The Preacher?

  1. aurice says:

    very well said you nailed you to a T… God puts you where he wants you at the time he want you to be… glad we know you …

    • Aurice, The Meeting will always be a part of me And I will always be a part of The Meeting. You, Sam and the rest of my wonderful friends there took a frightened struggling dad, trying to raise kids by himself; And helped us feel loved during the most difficult season of our lives. I will be indebted to you forever. Much love. Tim-

  2. deanabeans64 says:

    “Quakers are away cooler than you think”…

    Slam my man, you are definitely the coolest Quaker I have ever met, and the only one I have ever met 🙂

    Honest and true to the core. I love your beams and I read every single one :)… I may not comment on all of them, but believe me when I say, I appreciate every single one and always get something out of your words. Whether it be sales, spiritual, or life’s experiences – Even your thoughts while walking through the woods, and you’re appreciation for your fellow man…
    You’re a man who is constantly and consistently searching for a greater love than self 🙏 and always has an outstretched hand to others!

    I am so grateful and blessed to know you… Funny how people’s paths cross and connect 🙂
    – So glad ours did ….

    Your friend

    • Scout, your comments are soooo thoughtful and helpful. I will read them again and again today. Thank you for being such a supportive friend, by encouraging my writing. 🙂 I am glad our paths crossed also! 🙂 Tim

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