Create a Dynamic Referral Program

Create An effective business referral program.      No business succeeds to its highest potential, without maximizing assets. One asset that should be developed in nearly, every business context is the revenue generating practice, of referrals.      A referral program acquires customers from existing customers or prospects. It is a quick way, to jump-start… More Create a Dynamic Referral Program

Selling Slow

 Selling Slow      There is a general attitude among the public that most sales pro’s are like: A- The High Pressure huckster, that is forced by his management to turn some car lots into one of the most unpleasant experiences that you will endure in the marketplace; AND B – The Pariah, that suckers… More Selling Slow

The most powerful tool in the salesman’s chest

Words are the most powerful selling tools of the Salesman. They are the very life of the business. They are the best tricks of the trade. Without them, every salesman is lost before he begins!                        Keys:      If you’ve got thin skin. Get over it. You must accept constructive criticism to… More The most powerful tool in the salesman’s chest