G.R.A.C.E. acrostic word games

Dear Guts is The Key Reader; yes, I remember that I promised you entertaining and inspirational word games from time to time. So here is a “gracious” installment. 🙂

Below are some acrostic word games about G.R.A.C.E.



1.  GRACE = Gives Right Advice Consistently & Endlessly

     God is on target. He never misses. God’s grace gives us the 

      right perspective, now, on and ongoing basis & as long

      as we need it. It gives us the right advice consistently and

      Endlessly.  good perspective

     2- Gods Relentless Agape Compassion Elevating

     The world seldom forgives and never forgets. Yet, among
     the most attractive promises of Christian faith is this idea
     of Grace. Not only does God somehow amazingly look 
     beyond fault. But more than that He elevates us to strength
     in the very areas, we fail in. God’s love not only reaches us.
     More than that; God’s love also lifts us. We find his grace and
      are elevated to be more than we could without it.
    Here’s a freebie: Good Right Action Carefully Embodied
Love lifted me balloon

     3- Gentle Rain Assuring Christ’s Enlightened..,

      There are privileges associated with belonging to any family.
      God’s family grants us the rights of daily spiritual
      nourishment.  No crop could grow were it not for a supply
      of rain. God’s grace grants us all the tender cultivation we 
      need to be healthy spiritual beings.  gardening

     4- Gifts Releasing All Creative Energy,

       Not only does God give us more than we deserve but He
       enables our creative agency to produce more than we
        otherwise might. He is a Holy Ghost catalyst. He takes
       good concepts and turns them into tangible realities. 
       Through Grace God turns that which we might be able
        to do; into that which we actually accomplish. God is 
       like spiritual dynamite. He explodes obstacles and
       empowers good in profound and amazing ways.

       5- Grime Removed After Christ’s Entrance.

       The problem with us humans is that we are human. We blow
        it. We mess things up. We get dirty and need help. That is an
        incredible blessing of His grace; He does not throw out the 
        baby with the bath water. The mess that we make does not 
        have to prevent us from the life that we might live. God is 
        good at cleaning up His children and the messes that they
        Yes, your’s too.  Grace

       6-  Glowing Reverence Allowing Clean Energy &

       Everybody is talking about clean energy these days. — No one 
       doubts that we need energy. It is just plain to all that we need
       to keep the environment clean, while we produce it.  — This
       is what Grace does for us. It produces clean energy. It vitalizes
       us to do the best that we can do. It is not just that we are
       energized.  Moreover, we are energized to do the right thing.
       Reverence for God creates in us the capacity to be vitally
       active.  Not only rightly busy but busy for the right causes!
spiritual cleaning

        7. Giving Renegades All Christ’s Enrichment.

       Misfits and challenges; yes that’s what you and I are. If you
       think you have it all together, then your ego is so big that you
       can’t get it together.  There is a needy condition in our hearts.
       We need nourishment, training, empowering, encouraging &
       fellowship. Yet, knowing that we are needy makes us perfect
       candidates for what God has to offer.  —  The people who
       thought they had it all together in Jesus day were of little use
       to Him. In fact, they were useless to Him. Knowing that I need
      God, telling Him so & asking for His help is a prerequisite to
      Grace. — If you and I are to experience the height of God’s
      love and enabling power, then we must first admit need. —-
      I may be a scoundrel, “rough around the edges.”  But I am God’s
      scoundrel experiencing supernatural power,
      I know clearly where it comes from, how to ask for it and how to 
      receive it. If you have not already; receive this miracle GRACE 
       from God today.

Tim, In the office - "Slam"

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