Grow Smart – Line up Funding first.

     Dear GutsIsTheKey reader, I wish I could say that every business experience has been profitable. But honestly, I have learned from some unpleasant ones, also.

learning from our mistakes

     Many businesses grow themselves out of business. Unfortunately, this is experience talking. I owned a company in the 90’s and did exactly that. Because I was under-capitalized to sustain the growth; Greedy, acquisitive, mercenary investors stole my company right out from under me.

     Still, I learned from this. Incremental growth is sustainable growth. Today, I would rather have slower, steadier growth; than growth not planned smartly enough, to last. Remember: Fires burn out. Fields come back. Be a field!  

healthy field

A Healthy field

     If you achieve rapid growth; awesome! Still, Take the time to make sure you can sustain it. If you do the right things and growth is taking while. Remember, slow grow is not, No Grow. My point? Clarify funding plans & sources, before launching expansive, new business goals. (Do not assume you will find the money, in the middle of your plan). This kind of thinking can kill start-ups and young businesses…. Solve the funding first. Yes, it may take a little longer. But even the most amazing vision can turn into a disaster without adequate resources. Plan to win, by winning with your planning.

The Power of Planning to help us reach our goals. No missing pieces!

The Power of Planning to help us reach our goals. No missing pieces!

     We must have strong roots to prosper long-term in life & relationships. It is the same in business. Just because others can not see your growth does not mean you are not growing. Just because you can not point to immediate results does not mean you are not growing. [I am not recommending a lack of initiative.] The point is that solid growth usually happens in stages. Some stages are evident to see and some formative stages are REAL but not so plain to the eye.

     Solve your funding issues first. Sizzle! Not Fizzle.

Tim, In the office - "Slam"

Tim, In the office – “Slam” – Your Speaker and Sales Trainer.



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