Fiction that Finds Faith

     I love a good surprise. Don’t you?

     Well that is exactly what’s on tap in the near future, here at; a good surprise! What do I mean?


      Let me explain. One of the neatest things about social media is the possibility to build great friendships; with people who you would not otherwise meet. Such is the case with Heather Gauthier. We met through twitter several years ago and became really good friends online. The bond she had with her deceased brother and the bond I had with my deceased sister seemed to draw us together and gave us a lot to talk about. We have communicated about a lot of different topics, over quite some time. She, her husband Mark and children live in Calgary, Canada and I live in North Carolina. Yet, though we are many miles apart; social media gives us the opportunity to get to know and be good friends to each other.

Heather Gauthier 1

Heather McKim Gauthier

       I learned very early in my relationship with Heather that she has an incredible writing talent. Her pace is fast, her descriptions lucid, her illustrations entertaining and her points strong. She has a penchant in her writing for creative fiction. Ever since I have known her; I have known that she is capable of astonishing writing, in the fiction department. She has uncanny abilities in this area.

fiction 1

     So for a long time, I have hatched a plan for she and I to work together on a writing project.   A project that will highlight her work’s potential and skill and give me the opportunity, to be a part of seeing it grow and hopefully be more recognized. So with this thought in mind; Heather and I had this conversation recently online.

From me to: @Heathermg1973 Heather, as you know; I have always loved your writing. Would you consider being a guest author on ?

From Heather to me: @CCCDynaPro — Wow Tim I would love that! Thanks for thinking of me! 🙂

From me to: @Heathermg1973 Heather, do you have a topic burning to share with my readers or do you want me to suggest one?

From Heather to me: @CCCDynaPro Hey Tim... it's your blog... how about you point me in the right direction.. and I'll come up with something 🙂 Very honored!

From me to:@Heathermg1973 Okee-dokee; I will respond in a several part tweet string. 140 wont get it for this thought. (#1)

@Heathermg1973 As you know-I go all the way back 2 some of ur dark fictional writings-Not my style but Immense with Talent & creativity (#2)

@Heathermg1973 I was always gripped by your fictional talents-I have followed your writing since and enjoy it all but have kept an idea in mind (#3)

@Heathermg1973 You may or may not know that inspirational fiction is my favorite reading. ex's The Shack, by Wm. Young; continued... (#4)

@Heathermg1973 ... Life's Golden Ticket ; Brendon Burchard and The 5 people you meet in heaven; Mitch Albom (#5)

@Heathermg1973 Here is my idea. (You asked for it. 😉 lol) / A. Write a fictional story to inspire faith, courage, hope and character (#6)

@Heathermg1973 I will share this one with my readers... Then part 2 (B) // I will send you the 3 books I mentioned. (#7)

@Heathermg1973 When you have read them; then comes part 3 (C); write another fictional piece to inspire faith, spirituality & character (#8)

@Heathermg1973 Then, I have another phase to this elaborate plan that I will not announce at this time. (#9) LOL / What do you think???

@Heathermg1973 Your first article to be as soon as you can do it and then the rest as we work on it together... (#10 & final tweet) 🙂

@Heathermg1973 Yes, I think your talent is awesome and I would love to work on this project or a version of it, with you, if you R game. 🙂

From Heather to me:@CCCDynaPro it sounds challenging 🙂 but I'm totally in. I love a good challenge!

     So, there you have it! You can look forward to at least two inspirational fiction stories here at GutsIsTheKey, from Heather Gauthier. And if you knew Heather’s talent possibilities like I do; you would be very excited about this. In fact, you should be very excited about this.  She will soon be a guest author here on this site and share with us two scintillating fiction stories. Stories that I guarantee will warm your heart and add meaning to your life.

     What will they be?? That is the exciting part. They are yet to be created. They will be brand new creations that will spring into existence from Heather’s mind and writing talent.

surprise question what is it suspense

      Until recently, Heather called her blog “Life is but a stage.” Even-so, she is an expert at creating an enjoyable “stage” and meaningful content with her written posts. She now calls her blog “The Back 40.” And that just means that she has even more experience to share with us now. So get ready and be looking, for the fireworks to be set off soon. Two new imaginative, creations from Heather Gauthier to be shared first here; at GutsIsTheKey.

imagination fictionfireworks

        I will announce the first of these upcoming short stories on Twitter, as the timing is worked out. I know that these stories will be fiction that helps us find faith and more meaning, in our lives. I am excited in advance, about sharing them with you.

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