Passion, Patience, Peace And Promise

Passion, Patience, Peace & Promise  //   

     I like alliteration. The repetition of consonants is a rhythmic sound that can often help drive home good points. These four alliterative words Passion, Patience, Peace and Promise are like that. They are each important. And best understood in light of each other.

      Alliteration also aids in memory. So when the concept driven home by the words is a strong one; it makes it very easy to remember.

A well known example of alliteration

A well known example of alliteration

So these 4 words:

  Passion, Patience, Peace & Promise are alliterative 

words that you should think about and remember.

Passion is a priceless quality in human
beings. Without it causes are not 
triumphed. Loves are not forged.
Discovery is not made. No passion,
no pride.  We need to be passionate
human beings to advance.
 Passion leads to purpose

       But passion can also be something taken to excess. Wars are fought in the name of passion. People are killed in the name of passion and etc. You get the picture. So passion, as incredibly important as it is must be balanced with virtue and character to be positive. So I encourage you to live life with passion and zeal, tempered by value and ethics.

Passion pursue your heart

Patience is an undervalued quality.
Nearly every pursuit is helped by
its application. Yet, many pursuits
flounder because its need is ignored.
Learn the word. Practice the virtue.
patience allows life time to fall in place

How do you learn patience. Practice doing something that you do not naturally enjoy doing. Practice waiting on someone that does not move at your pace. Practice delayed gratification, when obtaining something for yourself. Patience may not be fun to learn but it’s power and usefulness is an unsurpassed strength and discipline.

Peace is an overused, misunderstood
concept. The Prince of Peace grants
this blessing as His reward to faithfulness
& goodness. Peace is not being
so vanilla that no one takes offense to you.
Peace is being so benevolent that  
you pursue the cause of good
in all situations, even when it is 
not in your personal benefit. Peace
prefers the true welfare of others.
Peace must first be internal & not 
possible, to be taken away by
circumstance to be genuine.
Lion King pride character wisdom Simba

     Peace is a gift of the Prince of peace. We can not have peace in our world, till we have peace in our hearts. Peace settles the restlessness of being impossible to satisfy. Peace tames the aggressive beast to an assertive servant. Peace takes the sword of conflict and turns it into the solace of healing and the safety of protection.

Promise is the hope that when
Passion, Patience & Peace are
present in balance in a life; 
blessing will result in individuals.
Promise is the hope that if Passion,
Patience & Peace are present in balance
in a society, blessing in our world will
Promise, New Opportunities and Hope

      Without promise, no one will harness passion into a pure, motivating power. Without promise, no one will tame impetuousness into graceful patience. Without promise, now one will suffer the unfounded attacks of abusers; to teach the sacred path of peace.

     Promise is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Promise is the clear day after the punishing storm. Promise is the green resurrection of spring, from the icy steel of winter. Promise is the pure hope that there is great joy awaiting our noble, just and true efforts.

…May God grant us the Prize of
Promise: His blessings on our 
lives & our society.

Think of these words and the good they can bring:

 Passion, Patience, Peace & Promise

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