Down is not bad, if it leads to up!

Down is not always bad. A seed must go down in the ground, before it springs up into new life. Down can actually be a moment of re-birthing and re-energizing. The key is to look at it and treat it that way.

 fresh start new beginning rebirthing


    It does not matter how far you have gone down. As long as you humbly [not arrogantly] ask God for help; you will get it. Furthermore, it has been my experience that He will probably bring you back up higher than before (like a super-ball).  Additionally, to make sure that you get the message, He has put people in your path, like me; to help you see this truth.

A spring must be compressed, before it expands with power. A rocket must be firmly situated on a ground platform, to ensure maximum take-off thrust. Human beings often must learn through some “down” experience, before they develop their wings and learn to fly.

bottom new beginning painful ending restarting

In business, a crushing failure is often the catalyst needed to start a new track record of success. Likewise, in our personal lives, some habit or compulsion must often cause us pain; before we see the light of freedom to overcome it. Down is not necessarily bad, if it leads to up.

Zanshin is a term used in all Japanese martial arts. It literally means “remaining mind.” It is the body’s posture after a technique is executed.

zanshin picture of karateka demonstrating mental attitude

      This moment is critical. The full explosion of energy must be naturally followed by a complete and heightened readiness; A state of emptiness of pre-conception that can react rapidly to anything; A state of natural preparedness that causes one technique to flow into the next.

       It amazes me, how perfectly a cat often embodies this state of readiness. Effortlessly and flawlessly, a cat can go from relaxed to engaged; from stealth to predator.

readiness like a cat

     Just because you have experienced a “down” season does not mean that you are powerless to win in your circumstances. Our capacity to win in our undertakings is often like a radio. The radio itself is neither good nor bad. Tuned into dirges and discordant sounds of mayhem, it can cause depression and melancholy. Yet tuned into bright and encouraging songs and messages, it can cause happiness and contentment. The key is the channel to which the radio is tuned.

  We like the radio have control over our tuning. We can choose to tune into a critical, depressive way of thinking and expect a poor outcome to our work performance. Or we can tune into an ambitious, confident thought channel and be assured of increased success.

winds of change - direction

  There are myriads of people who have turned disadvantage, into accomplishment. Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Colonel Sanders, Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and on and on the list could go. Despite horrible struggles, these people refused to stay down, took advantage of their opportunities and proved the fact of the Super Ball Success strategy.

A vision of success

     Do not look at your failure and disappointment as the end. See it as a launch pad; a solid platform to explode from; a bottom that you will leave and see only in your rear view mirror, as you move upward and forward to new vistas..

Tim's ideas are dynamite in person! Hire him as a speaker, at 336-688-7538.

Tim’s ideas are more dynamite in person! Hire him as a speaker, at: or:               336-688-7538.


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