Creativity – Let it Flow

   This BEAM (article) is the companion piece to “The Miracle of Creativity.” Here is the link to that article.

     Many years ago, I was excited to live on and take care of a farm. The arrangement was that I was to get to live there free, in exchange for taking care of the farm. Among other frustrating challenges that made this difficult; high on the list was coming in from a hard day’s work and having no water. It used to be that you had to prime the pump, to get water to flow from a well. That was a fact of life, in that old farm-house. Creativity is certainly often like that, even today! Sometimes you have to prime the pump, to get your creative juices flowing.

Prime the pump
Some people under-estimate their creative potential. Clear your calendar and decide to create something. You may surprise yourself! A muscle gains strength, when exercised. Creativity is that way. When it is practiced, it often improves.

Yes, some people are born creative. But even the greatest artists “practiced” their talent. It is not practice that makes perfect, as often said but  Perfect Practice That Makes Perfect . Practicing improved performances leads to more improved performances.

Perfect practice makes perfect Vince Lombardi

It may sound odd to some but if you will pray about your talent, it will increase. # Don’t Knock It Till You Try It. Give the Divine Creator a chance to use His palette in your life.
The spontaneity of the creative act is powerful. Flow with ideas when they come to you. The Spirit can be quenched when ignored. I advise my #Shotokan students to train in this way, paying attention to the moment! Fan the flames, when you feel on fire.

Go with the flow

Have You ever looked at a good writer’s waste can? It is full of “rough drafts.” Go to work on a creation & let progress work it’s slow miracle. It doesn’t matter if you have to start over, a time or two. That is often an intrinsic part of the act of Creation.

If you don’t believe in your own creative potential, then the world never will… God often gives us paint by number presents. We have the talents. He just helps us develop it by showing us patterns to follow.

Hang out with encouragers.. Some of mine are people like @SteveGutzler [Steve Gutzler] @MargoDeGange [Margo DeGange] & @haforhope [Ha Tran] .. People you can count on to lift you up!

Birds of a feather flock together

It’s a Funny thing but the cleaner you make the vessel, the purer and stronger the creative gift will flow! # Drive UncleanNess From Your Life to experience purer forms of creativity. For water to flow freely, you must clean out the clogs.  Your mind is like that. The cleaner your mind; the easier healthy creativity can flow!

     Let it flow!

Have you considered using "Slam" as a Power-House speaker at your next event? 336-688-7538

Have you considered using “Slam” as a Power-House speaker at your next event? 336-688-7538

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