The need for daily spiritual flow, in our lives.

When you are near the ocean, as you hike around the coastal inland, you will notice stagnant pools of rotting debris and moss. You will also notice, tidal pools that are living estuaries of growing and healthy things.

tideland swamp pool Living estuary tidal pool tide pool
The difference between the two is circulation. The water flowing in and out of the tidal pool everyday sweeps in the living freshwater, and sweeps out debris and decay.
Even so, for our life to be healthy, there must be a living flow.

That is why our daily communion and time with God is so important. it keeps us full of fresh ideas and clean thoughts and sweeps away the decay of selfishness and poor attitudes.

spiritual cleaning
I think this is in a great degree what Jesus meant; when he said, “I am come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” He meant that as we stay in the flow of His Spirit and life that we will be full of Him and His creative, living energy.

When we are full of Him, there will be little room for the impurities and uncleanness in this world around us. Like the tidal water cleanses the pools each day with life and renewal.

tidal waters renewed each day

Even so, Jesus fills us with brand new fragrances, sounds, feelings and thoughts of his eternal, creative, beautiful nature; when we spend time with him daily. And let Him flow into us with his refreshing Spirit.

fruits of the Holy Spirit right conduct

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Have you considered using “Slam” as a Power-House speaker at your next event? 336-688-7538

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  1. Reblogged this on gutsisthekey and commented:

    Sometimes we need spring cleaning even in the winter. A healthy, vibrant spiritual and mental condition requires maintenance and upkeep. I hope this article will remind you to let life flow afresh (even now in the winter) into your heart and life. Here’s wishing you wellsprings of fresh renewal and spiritual wellness.

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