G.U.T.S. # 42; Good unifies the scene!

Dear Guts Is The Key Reader, It has been quite some time since I have published a Guts Is The Key, Acrostic Installment. But fear not, I have not forgotten. I now have 87 of them. And am just now releasing G.U.T.S. # 42; Good Unifies The Scene . So you can count on these backbone components of the site continuing for a long time.  So, here comes the next one.

G.U.T.S. # 42; Good unifies the scene!

People have always talked about coming together. At least all the way back to The Tower of Babel. This message has been a hallmark of many segments of human history and culture. The Come Together movement has been marked by the words of most of our great leaders and the most significant prophets of modern generations. I can hear in my mind’s ear as I write this piece, One of the most prolific songs of the 60’s; “Come Together”;  “The Beatles'” song by the same name.”

Beatles Come Together

So how can we be good members of society today and ignore an issue history has verified to be so important, yet so illusive?  We must tackle this subject ourselves, if we are to be relevant to the deepest want & need of our species.

In this little writing, rather than deal with the deep philosophical questions of the prospects of “Coming Together,” I will deal more with practical ways, to deal with this topic on a personal level.

service & volunteerism

Do You Want to bring people together? While it may sound like a difficult proposition. The basic facts of what this requires are simple: Do the right thing. Be good, true & right to promote harmony. It’s hard to admit you are wrong but ironically, you have to do this, to be right. You can have the right position and the wrong attitude. You can be right in your thinking but be wrong in the arrogance that you express it with.

Many of the great patriots of this and other causes discredit the nature of their message, by the vitriolic and abrasive nature of their tone. It is amazingly common for we humans to resemble the very thing, we say we oppose. A personal habit I work on, to avoid this discredit; Is to still & quieten myself.  And daily reflect on what I can do better, to live in accordance with my major beliefs. This practice is especially needed, when we are tempted to focus on what someone else needs, to do better, instead of ourselves.

service to the least of these poor unfortunate

How can we improve, if we are always aiming on what someone else should do differently. What can I do differently, to improve? That is the relevant question. This personal responsibility is the key to harmony and the path of peace. What can I do to be a better friend, neighbor or colleague? It is easy to see what someone else should do. Yet the more critical question, if we are to grow spiritually is what we ourselves should do?

Jesus said in Luke 9:23 “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” Want to see people brought together? Make it a real daily purpose to offer your life in service to Christ & others. If you aim to serve others instead of yourself; you will witness the glorious reality of people coming together around you! Good Unifies The Scene.

Mother Teresa and Service

Practice daily the sacrificial life of doing the right things for the right reasons. Do the will of God, before your own will. Follow the life examples of Mother Theresa, Dr. Billy Graham, Gandhi and other selfless spiritual examples and make your life, a genuine life of service. There is no greater insight, than seeing the blessed vision of being a personal catalyst of peace & love. If you do, You can discover people “Coming Together” becoming a powerful reality and result of your own, well-aimed life.  Remember: G.U.T.S. #42 – Good Unifies The Scene.

Margo's cropped image of me - Tim

Tim G. Carter – “Slam”

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