God’s Munificence

As an author and voracious reader, I have an extensive vocabulary. So, when I run across a powerful word that I am not using and do not understand. I pay special note and try to learn and apply it. It is like a new gift that I am given and try to use.

Living estuary tidal pool tide pool

Munificence is one of those words. During the course of last year, I read it; re-read it again and again, looked it up and decided that it is a wonderful word that I need to add to my usable vocabulary.

Here’s the word.  mu·nif·i·cence

what is man scriptures promise of our divine calling

Here’s how it is pronounced. myo͝oˈnifəsəns,myə-/

This is it’s part of speech. noun: munificence; plural noun: munificences

Passion pursue your heart

And more important, here is it’s definition.

the quality or action of being lavishly generous; great generosity.

“we must be thankful for his munificence”(definition by Google).

Beautiful sunrise over water 1

Fortunately, God is not an inanimate object or theoretical construct for me. He has revealed Himself so personally and intimately in my life, that while I see where other’s struggle to believe in His existence. I can no more doubt His veracity than the oxygen that fills my lungs or the heart that beats in my chest. He is the very literal spiritual life-blood of my existence.

God at the center

And not only have I experienced the very real experience of God. I have also been blessed with a very intimate relationship with God. In the same way that you know a close friend, because of many real interactions with them; I know God in that way.

I know that will not convince the empirical evidence demands of many of you, but subjective knowledge is certainly empirical to me. I am so blessed with the abundances of God’s literal manifestations in my life, that personal doubt has literally been dispelled.

The Presence of God

Furthermore, not only has God revealed Himself to me, in the test-tube of my experience. But He has generously poured out magnificent myriads of beautiful confirmations and revelations to me.

Where might you start looking for personal evidences yourself? God has revealed Himself to me in a very detailed way through Christ and in the Bible. Furthermore, I am an outdoors-man and nature is resplendent with God’s fingerprints.

The Touch of God (2)

When I see beautiful sights in the sky, it warms my heart. God put such beautiful things in creation, for us to enjoy. It is so cool that creation is not bland but rich, illustrious, lavish, grand, detailed, amazing, intricate, ornate, profound , even exotic in beauty!

Do you think this is Chance? Fat chance! Evidence of Design spills over everywhere in Creations warehouse. God gets carried away sometimes in showing us overwhelming evidences of His love. 

The God Particle

So, I write this brief article to advise you of God’s munificence. He is more carefully doting than the best earth parent, to those that come to know Him in this way. God does not want your impersonal acknowledgement. He wants a personal invitation to come into your heart. It is in this way that He can best reveal His amazing munificent benevolence to you.

I hope that you make this discovery!


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