Personal Significance: Worth more than Paparazzi pride

     Many struggle  with  having a proper sense of significance  and value in their life . Not everyone is going to be a Donald Trump!  (And No, you will not lure me into making a political statement.) I lose my power to influence people helpfully on matters of heart, ethics, character and substance; If I express opinions about matters over which I have very little influence. It is a great Liberty, to accept that my opinion about some things is better left unsaid. Now back to the matter at hand.

In truth and in the eyes of God, neither the janitor or the CEO is worth more than the other.


We get this whole idea of personal significance and value confused with status.  The whole world gets so enamored with hero worship  and idolizing the people the paparazzi chase, that many lose the very important and legitimate concept, of personal worth.

Value is about more than money! Value is about more than status! Value is about more than symbols of success! Value is about true meaning and honest worth. Value and real significance grow from the understanding of self-worth.

So many people characterize honor with title. However, God is not impressed with our titles, that’s for sure! I have known many men and women of great honor, who have no title or whose title is basically unknown to the world.


Honor is a true sense of deep significance.  Honor is knowing that what you’re doing is worthwhile, whether others notice or not. Honor is being true to good principle. Honor is trying to do what’s right, regardless of public opinion.  Honor is being faithful.  Honor  is the best stuff of life.

Many times, what others achieve  causes us, not to see the importance of what we accomplish.  For a sense of personal significance , we must not concentrate  on what others do, but on the best that we can do. The problem with aiming for someone else’s goals is that in so doing, you will miss your own!

You have an area of giftedness that is unique to you. Positive living is developing & sharing this talent, in maximum potential.  God grants eternal strength to those that honor Him and seek to put Him first, in their lives with truth, humility, love & service. You may be unknown to mankind and still be a great champion in the eyes of God!

My friend Steve Gutzler said; “Don’t compare yourself or criticize others, just run your own race with a sense of focus, purpose, and Joy!” This statement drives home, what it really means to have a personal significance and sense of value.

Steve Gutzler 1

Realize your worth. God made you for a purpose. Belief in your own value honors Him.

Maybe you feel like you have missed  many of your opportunities in life. So what! Get over it. Don’t dwell on the past. Let it go. One of the greatest Divine miracles is to help a stumbling soul find the power to right wrongs, begin again & win over their failures.

Get your eyes off what others can do to succeed and focus on what you can do, to win. You can consistently have gratifying success and a great sense of fulfillment, if you compete primarily with yourself. Try to do the best that you can do. Try to be the best that you can be. Only look at the examples of others as an inspiration, of what can be done. Identify with them, when their example can help you grow. But do not compare yourself to anyone else, unless it improves your own performance and worth.

Quaker’s believe that no man or woman is worth more or less, than another. I am a Quaker.

Quaker's Think that all have equal responsibility before God to "Minister."

Quaker’s Think that all have equal responsibility before God to “Minister.”

We won’t all be millionaire celebrities. The key is to live an exceptionally meaningful life, which is found concentrating on your own highest potential & possibility.  Norman Vincent Peale said: Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. This is so true. You must find your own sense of personal significance, in your own personal station of life, to be happy.

To be loved. To be needed. To be happy. People who have an abundance of these have more by far, than many of those the paparazzi chase.

I admire the man or woman who aspires to their own greatness, even when it is not a tabloid event or spectacle. May God help you sense His presence and help, as you aspire to achieve your own highest value.

Tim's ideas are dynamite in person! Hire him as a speaker, at 336-688-7538.

Tim’s ideas are dynamite in person! Hire him as a speaker, at 336-688-7538.

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