What Grace can do in a life!


There is a wonderful story to the understanding of God’s grace. We have heard it explained before, that we get what he meant for us, not what we deserved. We have heard it called unmerited favor. But what does grace do for us really?

Grace dice

I thought of a word game based on the letters to help explain, what it really means in our lives.

GRACE : 1- God Replaces All Condemnation Entirely.

The restoration of the human conscience is an Indescribable miracle. That it is possible to escape penalty for all our guilt is impossible to describe by any other word than grace. That all the ridicule that Society has aimed our way, can be overcome by the cleansing love of God is deep and profound truth. That your failures need not be the end of you is incomprehensible by any other word than mercy.  That all the personal insecurities that we feel over the sins of our past can be healed is the epitome of the word miracle. That the condemning accusing Voice of the enemy of our soul can be vanquished & silenced is the very essence of deliverance. God Replaces All Condemnation Entirely.


2-God Repairs And Cleanses Emotions.

Life’s experience often leaves us feeling inside like damaged goods inside. God is able to take the Brokenness we feel in our hearts and make it wholeness. Peoples difficult experiences can leave them, little more than an emotional wreck. God’s grace can repair these damaged emotions and replace them with healthy, constructive and beautiful feelings. God Repairs And Cleanses Emotions.

Genuine Interest demonstrates Integrity!

Genuine Interest demonstrates Integrity!

3-God Restores And Changes Experiences.

Often times, before we find the love and restoring power of God’s spirit. We have made a real mess of Our Lives. Our experiences have turned into habits that have scarred, maimed and enslaved us. Sometimes these experiences have left us with such horrible consequences to face that the rest of our life can seem like a specter of fear, instead of a Vista of Hope. Yet Grace is so amazing that these experiences can be restored and rebuilt. Often these experiences cannot be replaced and must be faced. But the new experiences that Grace allows us to build can be so wonderful and rejuvenating that the mistakes of the past are overshadowed by the Wonder of Grace and Supernatural healing. God Restores And Rebuilds Experiences.


good perspective

These developments are progressive. And yet they are synergistic. As the evil power of condemnation leaves us, we are able to feel the restoration of healthy emotions. And as our emotions become more healthy, it results in a different kind and level of experience in our life. And the Miracle of grace produces all these beautiful and amazing changes in our lives.

God Replaces All Condemnation Entirely. God Repairs And Cleanses Emotions. God Restores And Changes Experiences.

May you experience the fullness of Grace.

Romans 5:1-2 Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God.



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4 Responses to What Grace can do in a life!

  1. fibivens says:

    Thanks, Slam, for a wonderful post, as usual! Reading this in the Netherlands, where wifi is ‘iffy’, depending on where we are wandering and visiting. Won’t go into the ‘why’, but the timing of the message was great… needed to read, and THINK, more on Mercy and Grace!

    We are so #Blessed, and I’m grateful I receive your emails!

    ~ flo

  2. Flo, I hope you and I meet one day in person. You have always been a great support and inspiration to me. I enjoy so many blessings in my life as a recipient of grace, that I can not count them. Thanks for telling me that you enjoyed the article! Have a good time in the Netherlands. Slam-

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