Let’s burn the idea that says we can not get along, not the flag that says we can!

I do not generally make political posts, Republican or Democratic. And I rarely refer to or cite other posts in my articles. Yet this one is an exception. A man’s impassioned pleas to the rest of us, to consider what all U.S. citizens should share in common deeply moved me. So, even though I refrain from political statement nearly entirely. I share this important personal thought.

I am a proud American and as such; a true patriot, in the love and pursuit of liberty and freedom for all men and women. I love my country, and honestly love men and women of both parties. I pride myself in being open-minded to even those of diversely different ideology. But some matters should be common core and I don’t mean just in regards to math. There should be some values that all American citizens hold dear, just in the value and sincere love of our country. So as fellow countrymen and women. I beg you all. Please do not burn the flag that represents the backbone of our common unity and acceptance of each other, as Americans. If you do, You are burning the very contract that grants each of us the freedom of expression.

A man’s Facebook video inspired these thoughts I share. (The link is listed below). I cannot be the son of my father John W. Carter Senior and not think this man’s words are beautiful. When my father served in World War 2, it was for the idea, that though he may not agree with you. he would still fight for your right under our flag to disagree with him! Can we, even in the spirit of disagreement maintain some chivalry and civility? Let us preserve the flag that grants us the sacred privilege to agree to disagree. Let us burn the pernicious idea that we can not get along; not the flag that represents the idea that we can.

My hero, my father, John Woodard Carter, Sr.

My hero, my father, John Woodard Carter, Sr.


My eyes tear also every time I see this disrespect of the very values that make America, America. I share this man’s sensitive soul-searching words, with pride for the country to which I proudly belong! May “God bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above.”

This man’s thoughts are beautiful. I hope the link lasts for a long time for you to enjoy.


There need to be a million likes, to this man’s heartfelt, caring deeply moving thoughts.



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2 Responses to Let’s burn the idea that says we can not get along, not the flag that says we can!

  1. fibivens says:

    Thank you for this post, Slam, and I am so sorry it took me so long to get here!! Love this, and going to share everywhere I reach!! Grateful to receive the emails … and yes, I am that far behind!! ♥

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