Don’t die, because you don’t seek help!

My life is awesome today!!! You would never suspect that six years ago I was a drowning man, at the bottom of a bottle of booze! It nearly killed me. I was a shell of a man; A disgrace, hurt, hindrance and psychologically insane. BUT that is not the end of the story. Help is available!  I am living proof.  Because I sought help, my life is beautiful today! Many do not seek help because they deny that they have a problem. I did that for a long time. Unless I had finally been willing to admit that I did not have the drink; that the drink had me; I most likely would have died from this chronic, progressive and often fatal disease.

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The Nile is a river. Denial is a ditch. Get past your own self-deception and get help. That’s what I had to do. Pride is good when it is honestly earned by your accomplishments. It is deadly, when it causes you to hide your faults.

As it is; I live a dream life today, by comparison. In learning to put the drink on the shelf; the rest of my life has fallen into place. It seems that the drink was actually a false God to me. And giving that activity the place in my life that it did not deserve displaced every other legitimate priority. When I put down the bottle; I picked up a wholesome, healthy, active, productive, happy life. Learning to live in accordance with your highest ideals is like a secret magic potion that improves all of your life. It did for me.


Drinking was a disease that nearly destroyed me. Like a myriad of other unhealthy, psychological conditions; it was a continual, degenerative condition. The more I did it the worse I became. And the more I did it, the more I felt I had to do it. I was weaving my own web of self destruction, until I got help.  There are life problems in which the entanglements are so severe; you are fooling yourself to try to fix them without time out & help!

By time out, I mean that some problems can not be handled while you keep doing everything else. To get a permanent workable solution in place, the remedy to these problems require intense focus. Time to focus on recovery is often needed, to find a real answer to tough problems. They are not built overnight. They are seldom solved overnight. 

By help, I mean treatment. Some habits are the result of real, powerful psychological ailments that require intense, personal, powerful insight and guidance to overcome them. Not to mention, that some also require a medical component to overcome physical addiction and the physical consequences of that addiction. Get honest with yourself, if you are in trouble. Get help! Tons of solid resources are available, in our society today.


A time away from your daily grind can be the source of a miracle, life-changing elixer. It can be the wisest step that you ever take. Don’t look at it as a loss of life but as an investment in life. Call it a Sabbatical! Sabbaticals can be valuable to more than university professors. Look at seeking treatment, as a Sabbatical, not a loss of activity but a gain of life strength.

Designed time off to heal, refresh, rejuvenate & discover answers can change your life forever! God often works through the ideas, hands & feet of others. Through seeking, you can find those who have recovered from the trouble that haunts you. We often you have to get humble enough to listen to others, to grow past our own problem. 



Don’t be ashamed to seek out help with addictions, habits & bad problems. Some of the Best people I know overcame terrible hangups! What is now your greatest liability can actually become your greatest asset.  

Take the time. Get the help, even treatment if necessary. Your life is worth it.


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