For me a successful day is when I rely on God.

For me a successful day is when I rely on God. And this means for me:
1- To want Him through the day.
2- To trust His leadings
3- To depend on His Power and Guidance.
4- To count on His reliability and companionship.
5- To look to Him expectantly in moments of need.
6- To need Him on a deep level, in the whole picture of what I do.
7- To lean on Him in a healthy way.
8- To receive spiritual nourishment from Him in vital relationship.
9- To turn over final control and authority to Him.

10- To allow His Spirit to empower me to do good work and live daily life in Union with Christ.


In short:

To rely on God is: To want Him, To trust Him, To depend on Him, To count on Him, To look to Him, To need Him, To lean On Him, To receive from Him And To turn over my life to Him, through the power of His Spirit.

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