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We can choose each other as “We the People,” regardless of who we chose for President.

A friend of mine recently shared these thoughts of Bob Nichols, who works in the Methodist Church, in Tennessee, on her Facebook timeline.  They struck me as poignant and needed. So I commented on them further. And now I share these … Continue reading

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Guard each man’s dignity and Save each man’s pride.

My friends there is plenty of political bickering in Washington. Do we have to make it a continual sore among friends? My father taught me well, I may disagree with your opinion but I will fight for your right to … Continue reading

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Let’s burn the idea that says we can not get along, not the flag that says we can!

I do not generally make political posts, Republican or Democratic. And I rarely refer to or cite other posts in my articles. Yet this one is an exception. A man’s impassioned pleas to the rest of us, to consider what … Continue reading

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Founder’s Day. What is it?

Today is Founder’s Day. It is very interesting and needed for this country to remember the occasion for  Founder’s day. Here is some information for you, so you can do just that.     “Founder’s Day originated from a proclamation by the … Continue reading

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