Deeper Aspects of Prayer are like Spiritual, Open heart surgery.

Deeper Aspects of Prayer are like Spiritual, Open heart surgery.

One of the most challenging aspects of spirituality is really being in touch with what we feel. The heavens can seem brass in our prayers, when we are not communicating the real, deep issues of our heart.

One of the first and most important aspects of prayers is discovery. When we do not see, nor are in touch with the deeper aspects of our own heart. We can not genuinely arrive at the most spiritually significant harmonies & possibilities, of prayer.

Sometimes the heart must be examined & discovered, as in exploratory surgery. When there is something going on in our own feelings or motives, that we are not in touch with; then we can not find deep connection & communication with God.

Sometimes the dam will break in prayer and tears & weeping and/or conversely ecstatic joy will pour from the soul, in real meaningful prayer and worship, as the deeper issues of our own heart, are made known to us in the Spirit.

Prayer can be painful, when our own self-serving or spiritually, weak ways are revealed to us, by The Holy Spirit. But the purpose of this hurt is our own good, by drawing us into deeper union with God!

The deeper, hallowed Halls of prayer involve deep petition, intercession, worship and praise. As our own heart is truly engaged in submissive flows of Spiritual union and Divine communion.

God is Holy and altogether pure and perfect. Seeing deeper truths in Spirit of God can be very unsettling, as any motives & actions out of step with the nature of God are revealed & exposed.

The Spirit of Jesus is like an unimaginably bright halogen searchlight, when applied to our own heart in prayer. His Holiness will make plain and known to us impurities that we cannot see without His Holy searchlight!

When we are cleaned inside, through confession, repentance and adoration. Then and only then can we begin to see the most powerful Revelations that The Spirit of God desires to show us!

If you feel a sense of mission to “make this world a better place,” this says to me that you sense your kinship to God and accept the deep knowing that this recognition, calls for a life of service and benevolence.

You are robbing yourself, if you don’t labor to pray more effectively, in The Spirit.

Because, God can & will only reveal the most beautiful Spiritual truths through honest soul-searching & Prayer; to hearts cleansed, prepared & made ready, to enter & receive His Holy Nature & Presence.

Slam 2-4-18 / Healthy Prayer is like a Magic Carpet to A More Meaningful Life

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