10 Acrostic Lessons About Fear!

So not too long ago, based on 1 acrostic that is well known using the letters of the word F.E.A.R.; I came up with 9 more of my own for fun.

Developing these acrostic word games is something I enjoy doing. So I made an article out of these tonight.

10 Acrostic Lessons About Fear!

How can we deal with FEAR. Here are Ideas from the word itself, about how to Deal with F.E.A.R.

#1 – “False evidence appearing real.” All the rest of the 10 acrostics based on this word are my own. But this popularly known one is makes clear too important of a concept to overlook. Fear is often a delusion. It only exists in your own head. We often fear things, that we have built up in our mind as frightening prospects. But in reality, when they are faced with faith, they disappear! They truly are:
“False evidence appearing real.”

#2 – F.E.A.R. = Feel Eternal Amazingr Restoration. The cool thing about God releasing us from fear is: since He is eternal; His Solutions are Eternal & last! Who the Son sets free is free indeed! God’s repair of us is not just a quick fix. It is a real fix. God not only deals with the surface but also heals the root of our problem. When God helps us overcome fear, we can truly Feel Eternal Amazing Restoration.

#3 – F.E.A.R. = Find Empathy And Reverence. It’s amazing! Caring for others actually frees us. When we help someone else, our fear seems to flee away. Revering God & loving others, often frees us from Fear in the process.! Find Empathy And Reverence is very good advice.

#4 – F.E.A.R. = Fumble Ego And Rekindle. One of the Giant Mysteries of Godliness is how concentrating more on others & less on ourselves actually builds us up personally, to have a better life. More of Jesus and less of me is actually the most healthy way to live. Fumble Ego And Rekindle.

#5 – F.E.A.R. = Fish Elevating Affirming Rivers. The Bible says as a man thinks in his heart so is he. We have to focus on the bullseye to hit the target. Listen to positive sources, not negative. If you fish in the bathtub, you will not catch any fish. You have to fish, where the fish are. If we want to overcome our fear and develop a more faith filled mind and heart. Then we need to associate with more faith filled people. Read, study and pray about more faith filled materials. And not feed ourselves too much junk food (i.e. much of today’s TV content). If we want to eliminate fear and Achieve positive results in our lives, then we need to look in fruitful, positive, uplifting places. In other words, we need to:
Fish Elevating Affirming Rivers.

#6 – F.E.A.R. = Flee Every Agitated Rancor. When we keep bitterness & resentment in mind. It never hurts the person we are resentful towards. It hurts us. It poisons our own soul. It allows the person that we resent, to live rent free in her head. Peace & forgiveness is the only healthy way to deal with feelings of resentment. Interesting thing when we let go of discontent and wrath we feel inside. Fear leaves and we are better able to accept and deal with the person that we previously resented. We are truly wise to: Flee Every Agitated Rancor.

#7 – F.E.A.R. = Fix Each Attitude Regularly. Boy, this one’s a Biggie! My mother taught me. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today! Good mental health is a daily Duty. It’s like bathing, we cannot go too long without maintaining our hygiene. We have to regularly and consistently deal with it. In order to keep lives free of fear, resentment and Petty hostility, We need to recognize & deal with things Daily. We certainly must: Fix Each Attitude Regularly.

#8 F.E.A.R. = Faith Enriches All Resolve. The scripture says the wicked flee when no one’s pursuing & the righteous are​ as bold as a lion. When you do right things for right reasons fear goes away. God not only purchase are weakness. But in its place he installs and instills Incredible strength! The more we face fear and embrace faith and courage, the more faithful and courageous we become. Faith Enriches All Resolve.

#9 – F.E.A.R. = Free Energy Anger Release. Anger is like sludge in a car’s gas tank. It causes it not to perform right. We let go of anger & free energy, increase resolve & empower life & joy. Fear is like a retaining wall that prevents us from breaking Free in our life into New Dimensions of health and well-being! With God’s grace and wonderful love, we find strength that not only frees us from Fear, but releases an incredible energy in our lives that allows us to achieve things, we never before dreamed possible! We certainly need to experience: Free Energy Anger Release.

#10 – F.E.A.R. = Full Enlightenment After Recovery. When God frees from Fear, Its not only the absence of the problem but the presence of new confidence & peace of mind that takes its place! No wonder, Grace is called amazing! It truly is. This is what Jesus meant, when he said I am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly. Jesus meant to show us that sin & its effects cannot stop us from truly living. When we are filled with His Holy Spirit and allow Him to have His way and teach us His Father’s will, in our lives. God can not only help us to find release from our worst fears. But He can also enable and supernaturally strengthen us to become that ideal person, that we can only be as we find the fullness of life. That He truly designed for us to have through the cross and His resurrection. May God help you experience this most wonderful possibility, as He releases you from your fears and you receive Full Enlightenment After Recovery.

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