What is the best way to improve your Karate Performance?

Improving Karate Performance is not rocket science but it does require concentrated focus. A half hearted, haphazard approach to martial arts ability will not yield satisfactory results. The following are solid proven means to produce karate technique improvement.

Training & conditioning are time honored and proven components of successful martial artists. They both must be vigorous to develop strength. Yes, if we are fairly active, we have a certain amount of strength. But not developing and increasing our natural strength will only make us average karateka, at best. And then when we need those skills in a survival situation, we cannot count on them to be powerful enough to be life saving.

Stamina is another critical aspect of good martial arts development. It is the ability to sustain physical strength and ability, after an extended period of exertion. It is closely related to endurance and essential to effective karate practicioners. The only way to build stamina is through tough training. To build grit and fortitude, there is no exception to this rule.

Improving proficiency is to a great degree a matter only addressed in the training hall. Seeing and comprehending a new skill is only a small part of it’s acquisition. The old saying is that “practice makes perfect.” But the old saying has been improved to be: “More Perfect Practice makes more Perfect.”

Proficiency is at times a slow, grueling process. One little moment of heightened performance must be recognized, for that improvement to be permanently captured. And then for that improved ability to actually turn into muscle memory. Rigorous repetition of the improvement must be engaged in.

Overall Karate performance advances must then consist of all three of these disciplines. #1- Training that improves conditioning must be coupled with training that increases strength. #2. Training must not only build condition and strength but furthermore, to be effective, it must be tough to build stamina. #3- Improving proficiency requires training that emphasizes both learning and rigorous repetition.

In conclusion, Karate development will never exceed the wise training investment made in the dojo. Training is always essential. But not just any training will complete a karateka’s potential. It must be training that includes all three: 1) Strength development and conditioning. 2) Stamina building through workout intensity. And 3) Increased Proficiency, which only happens through smart Training.

In conclusion,  It takes ample amounts of devoted time to learn reliable, repeatable skills & develop good, efficient techniques. Short cuts aren’t helpful if they don’t add balance, speed & Power. These principles are true in the dojo. Moreover, they are also true in life!



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