Think about the good people!

My mother Louise Carter had a priceless art of reaching out to help people in need. I can remember when Mama went to the prisons once a week, in the yokefellow program. And often many of the prisoner’s would come home much to Daddy’s Chagrin. And Mama would try to help them get on their feet when they got out of prison and started new lives. She had the gift of truly caring about people. People that only received the criticism of others, Mama genuinely cared for. Sometimes I think she was an empath and sensed when she could help somebody, by just being there for them. I try to remember this lesson as I go through life and follow her example in blessing others.

My daddy John Woodard Carter Senior was as strong as steel. But Dad really had a soft heart for people that needed him. He was always a champion for the underdog. I can remember many times, that Daddy stood up for people that other people had given up on. Daddy didn’t really care much, about what people said about people, just what he had learned about them, through personal experience. And Daddy had great judgement. He sometimes had a hard time with the words “I love you”, but he sure didn’t have a hard time showing them, to me. He was good, true and strong all at the same time. I try to remember Daddy’s example, daily. And strive to learn and have those same qualities.

And then there is the light of being incredibly blessed, with truly devoted friends. I am so blessed with good solid people and the love of great brothers and sisters, that I could literally tell stories from now on, of people’s countless thoughtfulness and helpfulness to me.

Just this morning, I was reminded of a dear friend, who has been there for me, through many years. And this evening, several thoughtful encouragements from devoted Friends really brightened my way.

And then there’s this little woman I’m married to. She’s good to the Core. I can trust her blindfolded. How blessed I am with her love.

These people have been living proof of the love of God by being so good, to me and others. I celebrate strong and faithful Friends. Many have been so good to me through the years that I can’t even scratch the surface at repaying their thoughtfulness.

I have a lot to be thankful for. But besides the eternal, immeasurable love of God. My greatest treasure is the many people who have and continue to teach and bless me so much!

I remember at a really tough spot 8 years ago. I reached out to a friend that I really hadn’t been close to, since childhood. And he treated me with such kindness and thoughtfulness, that you would have thought we had remained friends through the years. So at every temptation to think about peoples imperfections, I am reminded that all I really should be thinking about. Is the absolutely incredible goodness of so many people along the pathway of my life! I am so incredibly blessed!!!!!


Think About The Good People

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