This years hunting adventure.

One week ago I took my final hunting trip for the season, to Estill, South Carolina. It’s a little South Carolina town almost bordering Georgia halfway up the state line. It’s beautiful country there. Multiple terrains available. Was some like hilly areas, a lot of would it in field and Flatlands and some nice swamp wildlife vegetated areas. Very plentous with animal life.
last year, I harvested 11 dear. That’s a record for me. But a lot of people misunderstand that if I tell them. I only ate the equivalent I of one to two to Deer. But I had many families counting on to meet that I supplied. Families that genuinely needed it. That was the main reason that I harvested so many.
Because three years in a row, I didn’t Harvest a single deer, and I saw many. Just chose to watch them and let them walk.
This year, I only harvested three deer. I wish I could say that it was because I just didn’t need as many and let them walk. But honestly, it was a harder Year’s hunting. We have a new lease and have not learned habits learned the animals as well there yet.
We hunt South Carolina a lot. It’s about a five-hour trip down from North Carolina for me in a 5-hour trip up for my best friend Cecil Stanley from Florida. So we meet in the middle. We’ve been best friends for many years. And hunting together gives us away to stay in touch, talk and enjoy each other’s company. He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. So we leased land together and have a trailer down there together that we keep as a little hunting lodge. It has proven to be a wonderful and you will recreational outing and off season there’s plenty of work to be done on the property.
I consider myself more of an Outdoorsman, than just a hunter. I love to study how to preserve natural habitats and be a conservator of the Earth. Many people do not know that an honest, conscientious Hunter does more to contribute to the existence of natural habitat then just removing animals. A deer finds a White hostile deaths on its own in the wild; old age, disease, and predators are not a fun way to die. So a Humane law observing hunter, practices very efficient means for harvesting a deer. It should be quick and instantaneous with an accurate shot. Not only hunting help healthy population control and take care of preserving good game lands. But it can actually be a humane way for a deer to die, if the deer is genuinely harvested for food.
I also hunt North Carolina now. But that’s your new addition to my hunting grounds. We mainly hunt South Carolina together. Since I am a fisherman, hiker and to a lesser extent camper. My multiple outdoor activities causes me to spend a lot of time in nature. I love the land. I hope to spend as much time as possible in the woods near the waters for the rest of my life. I will be 60 in June this year. And I have been doing this for many years. I hope I have many more years to continue, but who knows?
In the late 90s, my friend and I build an outdoor related Supply Company. It was a heck of an adventure. We did 65 trade shows in three years across the United States, promoting our Eagle Ventures hunting products. During that season of Life where we were able to travel to Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia on hunting excursions. Some of the most wonderful experiences of my life were on those hunting trips.
So now, for the most part my friend and I hunt and fish, South Carolina Florida and North Carolina. Here are some of the more memorable, outdoor pictures that I took on my hunting outings this year. Which included highlights of nearly Burying my truck in the blue gumbo mud and a fox squirrel almost coming in the stand with me. Slam-


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