Johnny Bodenheimer, a good friend.

People often spend way too much time thinking about the wrong people. Many times, I tell people when someone has bothered them, that they are letting them live rent-free in their head. Here’s a lesson you should never forget, Focus On Your Friends not your foes!

I have been through some powerful struggles of late, with people throwing rocks to injure me. Mama used to tell me, “when they are bothering you, they are letting someone else rest.” I think she must have been an empath too, and had some similar experiences.

Yet, while I have faced open hostility, from truly misguided people. That is barely a thing to consider, in the light of being incredibly blessed, with truly devoted lifelong friends. Their love far outweighs the stones of the hard-hearted.

Just this morning, I was reminded of a dear friend, who has been there for me, through many years. Johnny has been through personal difficulties that would have made most people run and quit. But he has faced them with the fire of faith and a pure love for Jesus. He and I were prayer partners for many years. And spent much time on our hands and knees seeking God and praying for others. I remember one time, that Johnny and I literally picked up a homeless man who was intoxicated off the side of the road and cared for him and his wounds for several days on Johnny’s enclosed apartment style, back porch. Johnny is one of those rare characters who does more than he says. The last few years have seen health challenges come against Johnny. But his faith in Jesus and his love for his brothers remains strong. There was a time that I needed someone to help me in a very challenging way. And Johnny went to Great personal sacrifice to assist me in the most beautiful and practical way and never asked for a thing in return.. I love Johnny. And I always will.

I could tell endless stories of the good works of devoted Friends, like Johnny, who are tireless in their love for Jesus and their kindness to me.

The scripture says deceitful is the kiss of an enemy but blessed are the wounds of a friend. I have been blessed with many people who stand with me, even when the storms rage, as I try to do God’s will.

So, I do not Focus on the Rock throwers, but on these Faithful Friends, who prove themselves over and over again. They are living proof of the love of God by being so good, to those they love. Johnny, is one such example. I’ve thought so for the last 35 years, And I think so today. I celebrate my brother Johnny and my many other strong, faithful Friends.

With such a wonderful wealth and blessing of friends like I have. It truly is not worth my time to focus on my foes. My friends deserve the thoughts of my heart and love. Because they have sure provided much love, strength and comfort for me, more than I can record.

Johnny Bodenheimer at his keyboard

Johnny Bodenheimer at his keyboard

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