Having Godly Courage!

The topic of Godly courage has never seemed more useful than right now. So I am sending this post out again.


Godly Courage & Faith That Stands Storms


There are 20 points to this writing. Relax, There are actually 10 points onky. Why do I say this? Because at 11:47 p.m. when I was completely finished with it. And I was confident that it was what God wanted. Then much to my disappointment, 8 of the first 10 disappeared.

I mean disappeared! I didn’t hit a wrong button. I didn’t forget to save them .They just went away. Without explanation. I started to get upset. But quickly changed my attitude .

Because I got to dwell and meditate on this awesome Godly topic even longer. And so I rewrote the ideas. And in the rewrite, the points are completely different.

I guess that just goes to show how much there is to say about this topic, from the scriptures!


Real Faith in God’s plan is Stronger than you think…

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