Tough Times, Tough People & Lives that last after Their Over!

I wrote this article 2 years ago on this date. But somehow it never made it here. So in celebration of these thoughts which were good ones, I make this post today.

Quite a few years ago my daughter TeNae and I went to a service at the Crystal Cathedral, in California.
Not everything The late Dr. Robert Schuller said was pure gospel. But he really did come up with some great, positive, life quickfix quotes.

One of these Robert Schuller said was: “Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.” I don’t know if it’s always true. But it has helped me many times. Sometimes when there’s no other way and it seems like the road is blocked by difficulty and trial. If you will Trust God, dig deep for the strength He has put inside you and push on through the obstacles. A way will open up as you Faithfully go forward. A way where it seems there was no way, only shortly before.

There truly are times that a path just seems to miraculously open up. And yet there are many more times, it seems like God is testing us, to see just how much we believe, and how willing we are to keep trying. And so at times, true life heroes have to push through walls of difficulty that seem insurmountable.

I was reading yesterday about Terry Fox. A young man who died when he was 23 years old, in 1981. Cancer caused him to lose one of his legs and it was replaced with a prosthetic leg. But instead of feeling sorry for himself and giving up. He embarked on a cross Canadian Marathon run, with a prosthetic leg. Just for the purposes of raising awareness to cancer.

The cancer worsened and metastasized in his lungs, after he had started his run and stopped him in his task to run coast to coast. But not before he had run 3333 miles and the equivalent of a marathon every day. . The cancer killed this Herculean young man, in 1981. But not before he left a mark on everyone who witnessed his awesome and incredible
Overcoming Spirit.

Sometimes life is like that. Challenges wont just lay down in front of you. And you have to summon all the courage you can, to go forward and face them. You must do the best you can, even when it seems that the ultimate goal is beyond you and that each step only becomes more difficult.

Because most true Life heroes may not known by many, may not be known by any. Still, In their own hearts and individual lives, they face the seemingly impossible. And move forward anyway, regardless of pain and price. And so when we face our own individual trials and tests, the lesson of courageous faith is clear! Do not give up. Fight for good, live with courage, regardless of outcome. Because whether, we reach the ultimate goal or not. With an Overcomers heart in mind, we can still make our life count, and make a positive difference in this 🌎 world, with the help & inspiration of God!


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