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Ten years ago, I was privileged to share the thoughts of a friend, Anne Stephens. Somehow through the years, I list touch with Anne. Even though I tried several times to track her down. Because of her accelerating poor health at the time; I am concerned that I lost her, without the chance to say goodbye. She was an awesome friend. She taught my daughter how to make bread and helped her a lot as a lady friend. And I was a good dad but a struggling proxy mom. I did the best I could. But Anne, & ladies like her really made a difference and helped a lot. So I celebrate the memory of my friend today by sharing her thoughts. Perhaps. You know of some struggling Mr. Mom and could lend a hand? Anyway- my friend’s thoughts blessed me. I hope they will you. Slam (from a tree 🌳 stand, September 13, 2022).


Dear GutsIsKey Reader, 

     Nine years ago, I had the wonderful privilege to be a minister at a Quaker Meeting in Friendsville, Tennessee.  I made some really special friends there.  Anne Stephens was one of them. She taught my daughter to bake bread & knit, and helped a guy lost without his first wife keep his house clean. She was not only a very practical friend, who was quick to do things for me & my kids. She was also someone, with whom I laughed and cried and prayed.

     I will not describe the details of her life; other than to say that she has been through things that most people will never have to. Things so difficult, that not only will you never go through them; you couldn’t even imagine them, unless she shared them with you. And she is a very private person so…

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