The Real Adventures of Tim And Cecil

About 35 years ago, I stumbled across a Florida Cracker, on a car lot in Williston, Florida. He was as outgoing & full of energy as I was. Little did I know that the best friendship of my life was born that day. We worked marketing endeavors together all over the south. And built our own outdoor products company. He was there when my daughter was born. And we were there for each other in every major life event. 24 years ago as my family lived through a horrendous tragedy. When many were running from me, or attacking me, he drew a line in the sand & if you came after me, you were going to have to deal with him also.

When his friend let grief drive him to the bottom of a bottle, he did not give up on me. In fact, he stayed tighter (even though a non drinker) to look after me. He believed in me, when I no longer believed in my self. It has been many years since I have had a drink, [eternal gratitude to Cecil & my wife Dawn].

As we built a company from nothing, to 1/2 million $ a year in sales. We did 68 trade shows across The United States in 2 years. Together, we traveled from coast to coast, & north to south. We hunted & did hunting shows together in Colorado, Wisconsin, Las Vegas, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida & more.

He has moved me & my family from state to state, fought at my side in life threatening situations & suffered willingly because of me, when I was going through hot water & dangerous places.

When miles & circumstances have seperated us, he has found ways to keep our friendship strong.
We have laughed, cried, bled & dreamed together. No man has ever had a better friend. Until I die or he does, he is my closest friend.

There is nothing I can’t safely entrust to him. And if I need him, night or day, he will find some kind of way to be there.

He has helped me recover from serious circumstance & infirmity. Saw that I got help when shot, recovery when wounded & stood by me in circumstances too difficult for one man alone. When it would have been safer to high tail it & get away, he never thinks twice about standing with me.

We Hunt together.
We Fish together.
We pray together. We Help each other. We Believe in each other.

It is said that certain Indians who felt deep brotherhood would cut themselves and grab wrists in a man’s strong hand lock & let their blood mingle. Thus declaring themselves blood brothers for life. Cecil Stanley is my blood brother. I am thankful to God more than I can say, for him.

Cecil & Tim December 2022


About timothygrantcarter

Author, Trainer, Pastor, Spiritual Coach, Inspirational Speaker, 12 step follower Thinker, Entrepreneur, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Fisherman, Gardener, and Shotokan YonDan (5th degree black belt). Visionary; Maker of original sayings, slogans and giver of spiritual help. "If God has a pulse, then I can feel it." Nicknamed "Slam" / Creator of #Slamism ... 's on Twitter @cccdynapro
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