Gratitude To an Unknown Karate Mentor

Small things are often Big Things. I dedicate these thoughts to karate mentor:
1- that I am deeply indebted to ,
2- whom made a tremendous contribution to my martial arts foundation,
3- whom is already gone from this life & whose name & identity I will never know…

Here’s The Story….

30ish years ago, I was traving in rural northeast Florida on business. I happened by an old convenience style store. As I pulled in, a bus load of Asian tourists was gathered tightly, in the dirt parking lot. Curious, I went over & saw an elderly Chinese man practicing something that looked like tuite or some form of kung fu.

I was riveted to his training. The small crowd of fellow travelers disappated into the store, facilities & all around; on an obvious travel break. The elderly karate man continued to train. Seeing that my interest was more than casual, he encouraged me to train with him.
So, I had the private attention of this wonderfully gifted unknown karate man. It was like a mystically designed private lesson, delivered straight to me.. As an almost supernatural part of my training and development.

Even though I could not understand his words, I gained a lot from him. Emulating his moves & body synergies.

I trained at least 30 or 45 minutes with my thoughtful teacher. Who chose to privately tutor this unknown American student. I was riveted to his instruction. He concentrated on helping me understand a way of moving and a method of building phenomenal body energy and inner power.

All too soon, my wonderful teacher’s travel companions urged him back on the bus, to continue their travels. He & I bowed repeatedly, as I tried to express gratitude. I will never forget that day!

Some of what he taught me has been a core strength and foundation, for principles I have built on through the years.

His fellow passengers told me that he was a great master in China and over 100 years old. I believe it. It was a life blessing seemingly intended to happen. There for that moment. When I needed the teacher, he literally appeared.

I will never know my mentors name from that day. But I will never forget his kindness or the principles he taught me. I tell my students that if you work on karate long enough, you will find that it also works on you. I guess they think I am being way out and strange, when I tell them this. But I know it is true!

A friend Wayne Stein described to me visiting in Japan, a gracious Japanese Sensei who had tea with him, before finishing his class. Wisdom sensed & honored wisdom.
Hearing his story definitely lets me know, he has had his own deeply fulfilling discoveries. I think such rewarding development happens in any serious deep, life long pursuit of the martial Arts.
There is an account that can only be mine. There is an understanding that can only be my friends. And if you seek karate excellence long enough, there will be an account of this amazing somewhat mystical process, that can only be Yours…

I look forward to keeping my martial arts passion for the rest of my life, to share Chrust with my students And in honor of my unknown Mentor.





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