Eggs with Nopalitos =

Eggs with Nopalitos =

Anybody else like eggs with Nopalitos besides me? I must have a little Spanish in my blood, As much as I love Mexican.

Here’s a Recipe for you to try. Take 4 Eggs and mix them thoroughly, For them in a large souo bowl, Add 4 tablespoons Of your favorite salsa, Add 4 tablespoons of ranch or jalapeno ranch, Add 6 Table spoons of Nopolitos. Sometimes I add jalapeno. I have even added green olive to this mix. Star thoroughly. Preheat a 12 Inch no stick frying Pan with Olive oil. Have another twelve inch no stick frying pan handy. Fry the mixture until firm Is on the bottom. Over the sink, Take The non stick rounded Omelet looking mix. Pour it straight into the other twelve inch non stick pan, That you have also pre treated with olive oil. Put the new Pan with the round mixture On the burner instead of the previous pan. Fry to your preferred consistency. You can fold this on your plate and it makes a wonderful omelette, just insert cheese. Or You can put this straight on a flat tostada tortilla and serve. Or Cut into sandwich Portions and put it on your favorite high nutrition, low calorie bread; for a delicious, no-mess, pre-pack lunch. 😉

Don’t have Two twelve inch nonstick pans? If you are careful, Use the olive oil and turn it at the right time, you can do it all in the same pan.

A friend of mine Was honest enough to tell me That he didn’t know what Nopalitos were. Here’s a little help to those Of you that are new to Nopalitos. 🙂

“”Please relay the following to your Saxpahaw friends. 😉

Terry Knighten “” “Nopales” or “nopalitos” are the pads of the nopal cactus. People consume them as a dietary vegetable, and they regularly appear in restaurants, grocery stores, and farmers’ markets across the American Southwest and Mexico. “”

It has the consistency of 1/2 between squash & green bean. Kind of like a green bean spaghetti but slightly thicker. A little spongy like nothing else I know. Always green. It is usually lightly pickled or kept in a brine mixture. The taste is 1/2 way between a green bean & a pickle. It is shredded into strips. Commonly served mixed in scrambled eggs. But nice in greens, pinto’s and really good in Mexican dishes. Pretty cheap too. I am including a pic of some you can buy at WalMart or FoodLion.””





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