Real Life Self Defense Seminar

Caught On Tape: Clerk Punches, Knocks Out Armed

Robber – Greenville News Story – WYFF Greenville

A friend of mine shared this film clip on his FaceBook

Page! I commented as indicated below. Great to

study to think about your own self defense from an


The link below is to a great film to review to analyze and learn from, for self defense applications. The following can be observed from this: See my points below!!!

LINK: Caught On Tape: Clerk Punches, Knocks Out Armed Robber – Greenville News Story – WYFF Greenville.  :LINK

Quite a lot of self defense points here. 1- He acted non aggressive; so his attacker was completely surprised. 2- He was actively assessing the situation. He actually took control of the situation, without his attacker realizing it. 3- When he extended the bag with the right arm, he put his left arm at his side; setting up power in the next move where the two arms augmented each other. 4- He moved from relaxed posture, which added to his speed and the surprise element. 5- He took his right arm and grabbed the sleeve of his attacker pulling him in to the power of the technique. 6- He got the attacker close by acting passive. Close enough to launch quickly, avoiding time for the attacker to pull the fire arm 7-He did not panic. Even though he stated that adrenaline was flowing; he acted cool under pressure. 8- He disguised the coming technique by relaxed and un-threatening body posture. The attacker never suspected a thing. 9- He executed a powerful technique. If you are going to hit somebody. Make the strike count. “I hit him with all I got.” This concept of focusing on the punch turns a hit, into a knock out. 10- Then He followed the the technique up by dynamic follow through, ready to execute more techniques, if the first failed to disable his opponent. ——

– May see more, as I further evaluate this. — Think I will show this in the karate class I teach tonight. God bless Mike & keep your guard up. Tim

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