“Its Time to take a good look at life.”

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     Heather has a vivid and entertaining writing style. I really enjoy following her blog Life is but a Stage . Her writing is lucid and her topics varied. They range from heated tales of the dark side, to fire-side family stories, to parental instruction, to fitness and running inspiration and also deep and meaningful observations about the real stuff of life. I hope you will enjoy her blog like I do. She is a tremendously busy professional lady, who puts her heart in all she does. She is definitely a lady with Guts & belongs in this site.

     Heather’s post on Sunday caught me in a soft spot; cause it is a soft spot for us all = the fragility of this precarious gift called life & how to make the most of it. Read along, as Heather paints a heart-felt picture, to help us all see and deal better with this soft spot of mortality. 


.. http://life-is-but-a-stage.blogspot.com/2012/09/remember-to-breathe.html?spref=tw

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Remember to Breathe

Last Thursday I dropped my son off at cadets; fairly routine, however I FINALLY met one of his best friends mothers.

I’d been meaning to meet her for a long time; but you know life.

She got out of her vehicle and I got out of mine.  She told me that she’d been having health issues and that because she wasn’t working right now, she’d be more than happy to pick up and drop off my son Ben on cadet nights.  I thanked her and offered  up the same, advising that on those days she wasn’t feeling well her son could just come directly to my home after school, have dinner and then I’d take them.

It was a nice meeting.

Today; three days after our conversation she has passed away.

I am shocked but mostly sad.

Her son is the same age as my son; I’m sad for him.

Life is so precious and often short; it’s unfortunate that at times like these I’m reminded of such things.

I have another friend whom I recently went on a road trip with.

We spoke about his family; his father in a nursing home, not doing so well; his mother full of energy and life.  My friend was only concerned that someday soon his mother’s sisters; the ones who raised her would pass and she would struggle with this, but otherwise he thought she’d be ok, she had prepared herself for the potential loss of her husband.  Although still not an easy task she knew that at some point she would have to face his passing.

Two weeks after this conversation with my friend about his vibrant mother she was killed – in a car accident – on the way home from seeing her husband.

I’ve had all of these reminders of how fragile life is in the last few months.  When I get these sad reminders I say to myself; “I will be better”, “I will not sweat the small stuff”, “I will spend more time with my children”, “I will make sure that my family know’s I love them everyday”… it’s so much easier said than done.  Today (after hearing the news) I was once again reminded.

It’s time to take a good look at life…a good look inside myself…to figure out what’s really important.

Janis Joplin once said:

“You ain’t got 365 days, you got just one day.  Well I’ll tell you that one day better be your life.  Because you know, you can say, OH Man, you can cry about the other 364 days, man, but you’re gonna lose that one day, and that’s all you’ve got”

She’s right.

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Heather Gauthier & her family

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