Improving Your connections

 Life is not meant to be lived as an island. We are designed to be in healthy relationship to others. The key word here is the word, healthy.  Our connections either inspire us or deflate us. Learning to have constructive, positive interactions is an indispensable part of a life that grows in wellness, fulfillment and purpose.

Positive Thinking and Energy


Corporations need connections. They must have suppliers, accounting partners, shipping partners, service providers and on and on the list can go. No healthy connections. No healthy corporations.

Athletic teams must have good connections. Good interactions must be present with the coaches, players, fans and financial supporters just to name a few; for the team to be successful.

Schools must have dynamic connections. They must relate well to their teachers, to their community, to their academic suppliers, to the parents and associated families and most especially, to the students.

Candidly, successful connections form the basis for every healthy organization on earth. Similarly, individuals best thrive when their connections are vital, supportive and meaningful.

"Its Time to take a good look at life."

Connections are forms of touch. Extensions of interactions. Even in the ultimate sense of faith; connections are critical. My life has been a story of a faith connection with God. Not only has The Divine Spirit touched me, I believe that the course of my life has touched Him.

This connection is absolutely crucial to my health and well-being. Therefore, If you are looking for more wholeness in personal or professional dimensions, I suggest that you start in this area. It has been my experience that spiritual connected-ness will benefit you, in multiple ways.

spiritual cleaning

Still, regardless of your spiritual connectedness,  the indisputable fact is that your interactions are likely to be the springboard to your overall success or the cause of your failure.

I worked many years for a European furniture hardware company called Hafele. During the 80′s & early 90′s, the company published a newsletter for employees. They allowed me to write a section in the newsletter called “Positive Connections.” I thought it was a “catchy” phrase for an inspirational column, for the hardware company’s newsletter. So I wrote the column around this healthy thought.

     The underlying constructive thought I wrote about was: that healthy connections with God, ourselves, friends and work lead to happier, more meaningful lives.  Having only a Few connections leads to meager meaning. Excellent and plentiful connections lead to great meaning!

The key to getting something useful, from this evident fact, is being able to be honest about your own interactions. Ask yourself the following questions.

1-    Do I have enough connections with others or would I benefit from more ties and relationships?

2-    How do my current relationships affect me spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, intellectually and practically?

3-    Am I a good person to connect with? What can I do to improve my current connections?

4-    Am I being truthful with myself about the state of my current connections?  Where might I be derailing my progress, by a lack of honesty with myself?

5-    Do I give as much as I take? Do others value my personal and professional relationship, because I give back? Or could my interactions improve, if I would invest more in them?

6-    When is the last time, I candidly assessed that the reason a connection is not developing is due to my own failure?

7-    Am I willing to sacrifice selfish habits and tendencies, to grow my connections with others?

Answering these questions will help you strengthen and improve your ties, to those important for you to connect with.


Tim a.k.a. "Slam" would love to help your group move their mountains. Contact him at 336-688-7538 to schedule.

Tim a.k.a. “Slam” would love to help your group move their mountains. Contact him at 336-688-7538 to schedule.

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