What we believe about ourselves can empower us or stop us in our tracks. Replacing beliefs that hinder our progress with beliefs that encourage our progress is critical to growth and development.

The importance of this lesson gripped me so strongly that I discarded one of my already developed ideas, to include this exponential thought. Limiting beliefs are literally the arsenic that poisons many people from achieving, who could and should succeed.

We can saw off the limb that we are counting on by our limiting beliefs.

We can saw off the limb that we are counting on by our limiting beliefs.

If we do not have a faith outlook, we are often doomed to demise only because of our own flawed belief system. The Master Book of Wisdom says that “Faith is the Substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” In other words, faith is the real stuff that helps turn from day dreams, into visions and reality.

Faith breakthroughs

And the thing that stops most of us from having thoughts of faith that lead to better lives is fear; and most especially a certain kind of fear. That being the fear of failure.

It is amusing to watch a powerful 1,000 plus pound bull veer away from a wire line, because he has been conditioned by the pain of an electric fence. The bull will still avoid this boundary, even when it is cut off; because he fears the pain. Dogs who stay in the yard, because of the collar shock of an underground fence are exactly the same. And we are this way too.

Bull Electric Fence limiting beliefs

If we have been stopped by something repeatedly, we fear to dare try again. The pain of ridicule, discouragement, disappointment and more are severe deterrents to keep us from trying again, if we have failed before.

The worst part of limiting beliefs is that we most often do not know we have them. They are not external blocks we can see but internal blocks that can easily escape our attention.

problems beneath the surface

Not only do our experiences cause us to have limitations in our confidence and outlook but our culture and heritage do this also. Often a good thing can become very limiting, in this way. Some good value and truth that our forefathers have followed becomes a mandate in our minds, without our understanding the thought behind their practice. When we have imposed limits, because of walls like this; without understanding the point of them. Then these are entrenched obstacles and not positive traditions.

Many things society teaches us are good but sometimes they are very wrong and lead to limiting, harmful beliefs.

Many things society teaches us are good but sometimes they are very wrong and lead to limiting, harmful beliefs.

How do you know if you have internalized walls like this that are stopping you from growing? Most times, the answer to this becomes obvious when we ask ourselves honestly; is the conviction faith based or fear based. Fear of retribution is not a conduit of positive change. Faith in principles that you have thought through is a stream of healthy growth and dynamic energy. Asking yourself: “Is my belief fear based or faith based?” and really experiencing the discovery about your motives can turn a mindless fear that limits growth, into a mindful faith that causes meaningful action.

Your problems are too small frog that does not see opportunity

Self-worth statements can help you overcome internal limiting beliefs. I am not talking about wild minded platitudes, where you unrealistically tell yourself you can reach the moon. I mean specific goal oriented statements that address your limitations.

For instance, maybe you have discovered that you do not have a better exercise habit, because of previous ridicule in this area. So a worth statement might be: “I believe that I will succeed in a more healthy exercise habit. I have confidence that I will achieve better conditioning. I am going to do this by” (and define your new approach). Look at yourself in the mirror and say this new belief statement daily; until you can make the image looking back believe it!


mirror practice

Oh! And one really important thing to realize about these positive, self-worth statements. If you need to develop a new healthy statement. Then that probably means you already have an unhealthy fear based one running in the private theater of your mind. So the really big key to making self worth statements work is catching yourself when you are thinking the wrong thoughts and putting the good one in its place.

Yes, experience can be a teacher. But remember that it can also be a thief. What areas have your experiences caused you to believe that you can not win? These limiting beliefs caused by misinterpreted experiences are a great place to start in growing a new powerhouse of positive, goal oriented, growth thinking. By this process of honest evaluation, and replacement of flawed thoughts with healthy thoughts; you can actually turn your greatest liabilities, into your greatest assets.

Problems or Solutions

Keys to remember, as you work on replacing your limiting beliefs are:
1- You are never through. Always be looking to grow, with stronger more empowering beliefs.
2- Believing that which strengthens and causes you to grow may require some discipline but it will result in the freedom of a better life.
3- The best way to get outside yourself and see limiting beliefs is to value the advice of others. Stay humbly open to empowering suggestions.
4- Better advice can-not be given than: “Seek and You will find.” Mt. 5 – Soul searching is a key. Have daily times of focus and meditation.
5- Honesty is another key. Denial is so easy to do and will keep you shallow and empty.
6- Get real with yourself. Sometimes growth requires some uncomfortable stretching, to obtain.
7- Sabbaticals can change your life. Sometimes the only way to change is to stop everything and make a fresh start. Dare to do this, if you have tried other things and they have not worked.

Vision with Action

In conclusion; What areas have your experiences caused you to believe that you can-not win? Identify these limiting beliefs. Develop positive faith convictions and confident outlooks, to replace them with. Work on daily replacing fear based thinking, with faith based vision.

1- Limiting beliefs are literally the arsenic that poisons many people from achieving, who could and should succeed.
2- Faith is the real stuff that helps turn day dreams, into visions and reality.

"Slam" Tim G Carter - Inspirational Communicator - 336-688-7538

“Slam” Tim G Carter – Inspirational Communicator – 336-688-7538

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