Believe in your own Value!

      Developing a sense of worth is a critical component in a healthy life. To be fully human demands that we achieve a deep self-realization. Self-realization begins with knowing who we are.  So, if our quest to be in touch with ourselves is to be a healthy journey;  it must begin with a knowledge of self-worth and personal value.

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  A figure called Polonius, in Shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet is alleged to say some of the most powerful words in human history: “To thine own self be true.” Though, these famous words come from a drama of fiction; scarcely any words can be truer to life.

   If we do not believe in our own value, we can never achieve our full potential.  We cannot contribute to others until we realize our own significance.  During pre-flight instructions, flight attendants advise parents in case of a loss of cabin pressure to first put on their own oxygen mask.

    Why would a parent put themselves before their child? Because if the parent is not conscious and self-aware; they cannot care for and sustain their dependent.  It is clearly true that taking care of ourselves is a huge part of being able to do anything for others.

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      No one can pour from an empty cup.  If we do not find value in our existence, then we cannot give to others.  To contribute, we must first believe in our own worth.

It drives me crazy when I listen to sales reps. and their only well-made point is what the competition does or does not do. While it is true that you need to be market place savvy and that in the workplace, we must know what our competition is doing.  Our personal excellence will only grow when we focus on the awesomeness, of our own brand and service…  Believe in your own value. Sell your own Value.

What do I mean?  When someone ridicules you in the workplace and doubts your ability; Sell Your Own Value.  When someone in your home life does not believe in you and discourages you, instead of supporting and encouraging you; Sell Your Own Value.

Believe in what you do Have a dream

      By selling your own value, you can pull yourself literally out of nearly, any situation. Ascribing your own value is not pride, ego or hedonism. It is acknowledging the worth that your Creator has deposited in your being. It is a necessary mindset, to grow towards the threshold of higher realms of potential in life.

     For truly it is impossible to please our Divine Master if we do not multiply the gifts that He has given us. The stewardship of maximizing our talents is clearly a scriptural mandate. (Matt. 25:14-30)  Please read this “Parable of The Talents” for one of the clearest stories, as to how important the correct use of our abilities is to God. Therefore, from even the most reverent point of view; it is imperative that we learn to Sell Our Own Value.

karma give and it shall be given unto you

      A true sense of self-worth also affirms the value of those around us.  Acknowledging the merit of others actually increases our capacity for self-worth.  If a glass is clean we can see through both ways!  In the same way, a healthy outlook can also lead to a more meaningful in-look.

      Part of realizing our worth is in understanding our own significance.  To have a happier life, we must credit ourselves for the worthwhile things we do.  We should pay attention to the score cards of others.  They can be very revealing.  Additionally, we should keep our own score card.  Then if no one else praises us; at least give ourselves proper credit for the good we do.  We should stay off our own back.  The song, ”Don’t Worry.  Be Happy.“ is over simplistic but I have found many times, it is good advice.  Self-esteem is built on a frame of solid self-worth.

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      The Energizer Bunny keeps going and going because of good batteries.  We also need a good internal power source if we are to sustain meaningful efforts in our own life.  A healthy sense of worth is a great internal power source.  It also can keep us going and going.  It is a great energizer.

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      One thing that prevents many from learning this power source is confusing a good sense of self-worth, with being self……ish.  Worth is neither pride, nor egotism.  Worth honestly appraises our own performance, while still realizing need for developmental growth.  Worth credits God and others for indispensable importance, while still realizing its own value.  Worth grows in proper context to the value of others. It finds meaning in reality, courtesy and even in humility. Worth grows a healthy self-concept that respects this same need in others.

strength through humility

      Still, if we must believe in ourselves to advance in the pursuit of personal growth: The question is then, how do we grow to feel better about ourselves?

The answer starts in how we talk to ourselves, about ourselves.

 Our self-talk must be healthy to grow personally. We must develop our own self-worth beliefs and statements and say them about ourselves.  We must learn to have an internal dialogue that says and believes positive things about ourselves.  This habit can completely change the way we feel and behave.  This will cause us to have a healthier self-worth; and a healthy self-worth will keep us working harder, smarter, and with more satisfaction, on any career path.

Develop and write down positive statements of worth and say them daily.

Believe in your own worth and value and be happier and healthier. 

Focus on the awesomeness of your own brand and service. Work on your own excellence.

Grow to feel better about yourself, by thinking about how you talk to yourself, about yourself.

Believe in your own value!

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