Power to Change

The changes we want in life can seem so difficult and unreachable, when we view them at the base of the Mountain. At that point, we must remember that we do not leap over mountains but climb them one step at a time. And when viewed this way major change is just taking steps up the mountain.

outrageously positive


Mental renewal is a daily task. When we spend time each day concentrating on high yield, positive materials, we will find our climbing ability increase. Having a daily focus time can greatly increase our ability to effect positive change.


My friend and publisher Margo DeGange says: “It’s good 2 reflect, but over-analyzing can make you sick & tired! Do what you know to do & move on without second guessing.”  She is right. My friend and previous performance partner, Ha Tran reminds me repeatedly: “Tim, you have created a track to run on; now run on it!” She is powerfully correct. The only good we will obtain out of developed plans is if we see them through!


I say, “The soul is a channel you can control.” When it is in your power to literally choose life or death in your thoughts. Speak Life! Positive thinking is not shallow. It is core optimism and strength. It is the predetermination of a resolute decision making outlook, that says that overcoming and triumph is your fail-safe mindset.

as a man thinks

If you have not given your best effort-there could be a champion down inside you that you have not discovered. There could be……….  There could be.

Champions and shortcuts

Growth & improvement demands that you come to internal Waterloos; Points of choice that require deep inward honesty to move past them. For this reason crisis can be a positive catalyst. That which causes us pain and discomfort can also be the very motivation we need to move forward.

There is much of life that we can influence with attitude & outlook but be prepared for the unexpected with tolerance & acceptance. Don’t let an unexpected blow be a knock-out punch. Expect the unexpected and move quickly and deftly, beyond your temptation to let difficulty turn into discouragement.

Problems are opportunities in disguise

Some of your best moments in life will be “this far and no further” moments, when you turn deep convictions into positive actions.  The power to change is moment by moment. You make the decision and them keep on making the decision to make it stick!  It takes daily visits to your goals. Resolve is not a one-time occurrence, if it is to be effective!

The best news about your highest visions and aspirations is that there is a Divine Progenitor, who wants to encourage you and supply you with the internal strength to be an over-comer and difference maker. Help is readily supplied to the humble who seek and ask for it! Among people of honest faith, coincidence is most often Providence! Take hold of the caring hand of Providence and move courageously towards your highest good. You will never know how high you can reach, till you try. Let this message be the spark you need to start. Let this BEAM be the catalyst, to help you find your Power to Change.

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