Real and Clear Light in your life!

So many moments and times in my life, God does something good for me and makes it clearly noticeable. Something that I could not have done on my own. And it is remarkably plain in these moments that He is present. And so often, He then confirms it, by some beautiful experience.

For instance, When I took the photograph below, there was a symphony of birds singing and a wonderful glow of fall color, that confirmed an amazing sense of The Holy Spirit’s presence in my life.. The picture does not do the natural beauty of the striking moment, proper justice. Because the moment was so uplifting and encouraging, it is impossible to picture. God is so good. I love Him so. Moments like this, just seal the deal for me.


God is such an Humble Benefactor. He has unimaginable power and glory but His nature is most times anonymous and unassuming (as in the life of Jesus). And so in our lives, if we would see Him Real & Genuine, at our sides in the daily realities of life; we must be seeking. We must be looking. He wants to share the intimate moments of our life with us. But He almost never busts into the scene, unless eyes and hearts are seeking Him. He wants to share in our willful fellowship, not demand our unwilling servitude.

There is a great movement away from Christianity and spirituality and I get it. Too many churchy words and too much liturgical (religious) practice have people running for cover. People are tired of things that are obviously shallow and not real. Therefore I join them & hate religious sounding terms that do not make sense to modern men & women.

I believe in and practice a spiritual concept called “clearness.” As a Spirit lead, Armenian Quaker, (oops that sounds religious), I believe in a clear God who is truly here, right now (that’s better). This God speaks clearly to me. He leads me to speak plainly & clearly about Him, to others. And, this clear relationship with this Real God, really does lead me to have clearer relationships with other people, of all persuasions.

What I am describing is how God helps me share my spiritual experience of His fellowship, with other people. And how uses this practice, of me telling of my life with Him, to help others have their own spiritual experience. A personal experience that makes it possible for their soul to be so cleansed and renewed through Christian catharsis & transformation, that they literally become a new person! Yeah!! ….. That’s what I am all about.

fresh start new beginning rebirthing

Not long ago, I took a walk after the day was over.  The air was refreshing, warm and God’s Spirit was speaking to me so plainly and meaningfully. There was such a clear and touching realness, of His inspiration in my heart that I had to literally stop and write the thoughts down. I spent several moments writing down the encouraging concepts that I felt God speaking to my heart.

After a few moments, I felt that I should look around me, at my surroundings. I had stopped in a very dark spot; where there were no lights, no star light and the trees literally made the surroundings look soupy black. It was so dark around me that you could almost cut it with a knife. I was literally standing in a dark hole.

Yet, the light flowing in my life, from my heart and mind was so radiant & illumined, that I did not even pay attention to the darkness of my circumstance. Even so, it is that way, often in my life. Many times I am standing in a dark and difficult spot but I barely notice because the light inside my heart is so bright!  – – – The good news is: You can have this new light in your life, also! God can be clearly present to you, as well. Seek Him diligently & now & see if He does not allow you to find Him clearly. Actually, don’t worry; He will find you!   🙂 Slam-


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  1. LeneInJapan says:

    What a testimony. Thank you for sharing!

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