Slam’s Hot Stuff – 2016

“Slams” 2016 pepper production consists of 112 remaining jars. I did give away about 10 jars as I worked through the season. There were 10 batches.

1- Hot Tomato, bean and Green Mix
2- Experimental Curry mix
3- Hot honey Curry mix
4- Cilantro Curry & cukes mix
5- Honey pickled cilantro Curry mix
6- Hot mix cukes with curry and cilantro
7- Honey Curry and cukes
8- Apple top garlic honey cukes
9- Honey garlic chili pepper veggie mix
10- Honey and cilantro with spring onions

Yes I got carried away with curry this year, because the taste was fantastic, in every variety. I did not include any Scorpion, Carolina Reaper or any pepper hotter than a Habanero. I have discovered that heat above a Habanero is a waste and that the skins of these peppers are so thin but they are not good to eat, especially preserved.

Pepper’s I did raise and use were Hungarian hot wax, Serrano, jalapeno, Habanero, hot banana, Thai pepper , chili pepper , pequin, lemon peppers, and cayenne peppers. These made for a much more pleasant blend and consistent batches.

I did use some other vegetables this year. Apples, Carrots, celery, cucumbers , tomatoes, cilantro and spring onions. Also I used fresh garlic and a blend of pickling spices that I have developed from many years of testing.

All in all, this years peppers taste the best that I have ever raised and canned. Presently, I only give them as presents. But people tell me they really love them. I’m thinking about making some to order and selling them next year for people to use as Christmas presents.

I have the recipe down pat enough now that most people who like hot peppers really enjoyed them. I have been told by some that they would win Awards in a contest. Oh well, just wanted to share a little bit of one of my personal joys with my Twitter friends. 🙂 it seems like a healthy a change of pace, on this election day.


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