E.A.S.Y. Expecting Answers Saying Yes.

It sounds too good to be true and like most things that do, there is fallacy and weakness in expecting easy solutions in life. Most times,  We are better off not to envision our path to be  E.A.S.Y. Expecting Answers Saying Yes.

Eye of the Tiger – Rise to the challenge of our rivals.

Life’s NOT always easy-The answer’s often No-Expecting an easy Yes sets us up for disappointment.

A positive outlook is a healthy mental framework. Looking at things in a brighter perspective only serves to enrich our lives. Forecasting an improved Health in state of being is a function of a vital faith.

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However when positive Outlook and bright forecast crosses the delicate line to an expectation: we set our self up for hurtful Falls. The old saying is don’t count your chickens before they hatch. This is so incredibly true. While we need to have a bright Vision for our future. We should not count on the outcome.

Having too many expectations falls into the category, of a lack of healthy acceptance. We can certainly aim in the right direction and should. But sometimes, things we cannot control get in the way and interfere with our best intentions. When this happens we should evaluate what has happened honestly and come up with a new, bright but realistic Outlook. Yet all too often we suffer and are devastated, because our projection went beyond forecast, into the seriously dangerous mindset of expectation.

How do we achieve this critical balance? We should certainly adopt the inner Drive of The Little Engine That Could. And always strive to achieve our best and be our best. However a good dose of honest understanding, that plans don’t always work out like we think is important.

Aiming High; but really accepting it when things don’t go our way; are healthy juxtapositions. The yin and the yang, the positive & the negative, or from a Christian perspective; sowing and reaping must both be part of a healthy attitude.

The song Words say: “I beg your pardon. I Never Promised You a Rose Garden. There’s going to be a little rain sometime.” As we Target and honestly reach with all our might for our highest good. Let us not be floored, at the almost reliable assurance that there will be slip-ups, difficulties and failures along the way. Understanding this can give us the healthy approach to get back up quickly and get back on track. Be like the super ball. Bounce back, as quickly as you fall.

I teach my Karate students, to stay on their feet. But prepare them for a fall and how to get back up quickly. This same mindset is good training, in life also.

When I expect answers to say yes, I set myself up for a fall, disappointment and heartache. When I see these things, as just a part of the growth process, I set myself up, to try harder and reach further in my next attempt.

Aim for the bullseye. But don’t be surprised when something gets in the path of your aim or when someone moves the Target. A real winner finds renewed strength and conviction, even after unexpected difficulties.

May God so help us to have this kind of strength. Strength that weather’s storms and grows through challenging circumstances. And finds the heart to press on for the goal, even after a fall.

I                               SLAM-

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