The Wonderful, Moldable Jigsaw Puzzle of Life!

Thoughts on a healthy approach to living! The wonderful, moldable jigsaw puzzle of life! Our mutual call. Our mutual responsibility.

I often think of Life as a grand, moldable jigsaw puzzle. The context and overview is always changing and even the pieces we use are always changing. But looking at Life as a healthy creative challenge is a beneficial Outlook.

I truly believe in the hand of Providence & the inspiring influence of God’s Spirit. Through trying to mold my will and intentions, in the light of believing in, a greater and Grandeur design, than my own; has enlivened the whole picture and Outlook of life, for me!

One of my greatest lifelong assets is an incurable capacity to keep on trying. When I go after a goal, even if thwarted at first, I keep coming back after the prospect from many different angles. Because of this, I’ve achieved some things that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.

Another attribute that’s really helped me achieve in life is relentless practice. If I decide something is important & aim to do it. Then I practice, practice & practice. To me it’s a matter of conscience. I don’t see how I can be a good Steward of God’s gifts without practice!

Another required component in a good life is a healthy dose of acceptance. We must learn to be at peace with ourself, about things that have happened in life, which we cannot go back and change. This is a critical component in designing a happier, healthier future.

Acceptance is not apathy! The perfect prayer of Serenity grants us Insight to let go of the stress of the unchangeable. But in the next breath, it challenges us to change what we can. Critical balance & distinction between these two points is an ongoing necessity in a healthy life.

One of the most important ways to ensure that you have have an ongoing thriving and developing life. Is that you need to continue learning from others. Don’t think you know all the answers. Listen to others. Make it a regular practice to learn from others.

I get it, that certain matters of conscience are principles people believe so firmly, that they feel they must live by them. But don’t become so fixed in thinking that a closed mind, also closes your ❤. Yes it’s true, If you don’t stand for something you can fall for anything. But don’t be so rigidly fixed, you can’t have enough humility to continue to learn.

In this wonderful moldable jigsaw puzzle that is the Miracle of Life; there are possibilities to grow & learn Beyond what we already know. Therefore to be healthy, you must be willing to learn beyond your current Horizon of knowledge.

It is interesting to me, how having Divinely guided principles = Truths that we hold dear. And yet still having an open, explorative & discovering mind can both be true synergistically and simultaneously. God is able to help us hold faithfully to truth & yet be open to the possibility of increasing our learning, at the same time.

As I look at history, from the dust & ashes of the most dangerous points of our experience have risen some of the most beautiful developments & points of change. Despite the challenges and problems we face, together as human beings committed to each other’s welfare, we cannot give up on the possibilities of our future. We must be committed to a healthy vision of life together, to grow past our problems.

We need this idea of personal responsibility for good, ingrained in all society’s across the world. It’s not just that leaders must change. It’s you & I as sentient, caring human beings that must change. And help change others. When we each feel guiding Light inside, then we can come together in good from the bottom up; & our greatest hopes as a civilization can be born in us, as individuals.

Perhaps you say: that this idea of life as a grand, moldable jigsaw is only a dream and silly Idealism. But let’s not forget the greatest example of virtue in all of human history was born in a man called Jesus. And neither let us forget that the sublime hope of eliminating of inequality was best idealized, by the dream, of a man named Martin Luther King Jr. An furthermore, let’s remember that the vision of voluntary servanthood healing hunger was recently idealized, through a woman named Mother Theresa. Idealism can birth good and human well-being!

The wonderful, moldable jigsaw puzzle of life can happen through people like you and I. – – – In fact, if there’s any hope for us to truly change our world for good, it must happen through you and I.

Look at life as a healthy creative challenge! Don’t Point your fingers at others. But look at what you can do as a person, to be Christ’s light to our world. Individually we must accept this responsibility and teach others to do the same. Hold true to values. But be open to learning. Accept what you cannot change. Change what you can. Be the change you would see in others!

It’s yet to be seen, what a beautiful thing we can create together! But with patience, practice and persistence; I intend to keep on trying; as long as I have breath, so help me God! It is my personal responsibility to have a healthy, approach to living. It is my duty of stewardship, to do what I can with this gift of life. God help me do what I can to contribute to this wonderful, Grand, moldable jigsaw puzzle. I hope that is your prayer too.

Tonight as I wrote, I was fighting a bug. I had a buddy who joined me on the armrest of my chair to make me feel better. Nietzsche, my 10 year old cat. 🙂


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