The Karate Dream

The martial arts dream.

One thing I have told my students repeatedly is that if you work on the martial arts long enough, you will discover that the martial arts will in turn work on you. It’s like a Subterranean dialogue in the subconscious mind and heart that builds in strength and crescendo. The more years you train, the more the current of karate grows on the inside of you.

Karate has been a lifelong pursuit for me. And because of this, it has a deep influence on nearly every part of my life. As an evidence of this, One thing I have noticed is that I dream most nights about karate. I am teaching karate. I am learning karate. I am fighting. I am teaching fighting. I am learning character lessons that tie into my karate and fighting and so on. Suffice it to say that Karate has become an integral part of what makes me tick. So then Karate has found its way into nearly every part of me. So, Karate not only is very much a part of my life awake, but it is also very much a part of my life asleep and my dreamworld.

So I have found: Karate if practiced enough is like a magic Elixir. After all, it is an ancient technology. There are things we understand about it. And things we don’t. For example, How were all the pressure points discovered, before the technology existed to medically define them? How was Power, of which the Dynamics thereof, seem to defy or exceed explanation developed?; before modern physiological and Sports Medicine Sciences were even born?

Through the years I have learned some extraordinary talents and skills that seem to surpass explanation, or the natural limits of my body. I can punch and stop my technique short of the body and still the recipient will feel the power going through their torso; And out their back. How do I do that? Well I could get into a very technical explanation, how I have learned and taught myself this. But in some ways it really is a little bit mysterious.

I am truly a Christ-centered martial artist. This means for me, that He is the source of my power and strength. He is the center of everything that I do. So this adds a spiritual Dynamo to all of my techniques. Not only is the what of them important, but the why of them is important. I cannot plug into the energy, if I cannot believe in the motive. Christ therefore is the center and source of my Karate energy & sustaining drive.

Thus, this karate reality I live is also, quite profound. In a way, the secrets of karate are not Secret. Through years of diligent and faithful training, I have taught myself layer upon layer, techniques not truly beyond other’s abilities, IF they had the same training and years of practice.
But they appear beyond what others can do only because they do not have the years of training and practice that I have. So, some things can certainly appear to some, like secret powers.

And honestly in another way of looking, some of these things I can now do, really are secret. It’s like there is an explosive AHA! moment that comes to me at times. And my karate launches me into instances of extraordinary performance, that I did not even suspect myself, to be capable of. Are these moments gifts? Or are these moments the natural progression that results from continuous development? Or did I plug into some unknown current and technology? The answer may be unknowable. Yet, this is a good thing.

Sometimes by having to understand each itty bitty intricacy, the technique is deepened and empowered. Yet, sometimes by trying to labor that which is flowing, effective and working, the minutiae of having to understand hinders performance, development and execution of that, which may exceed the boundaries of reason.

I have found that different people learn karate through different means. Some are audio Learners. Some are visual Learners. And some are kinesthetic learners. Still, regardless of the learning style; balance and wisdom must be applied for the maximum impact of karate to be realized in individual lives.

So maybe you are a beginner and all of this talk of secrets and dreams and ancient technology seems like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. That’s okay. Train for your own reasons. But for some of you who’ve been around awhile; may have begun to suspect some of what I am referring to….. the dream of karate ….. may be very real.

I have seen in certain moments of need, when my truest motives and deepest reasons to use my skills have been present, that I have performed things that were truly astonishing.

I am thankful for this development of strength and talent that has transformed my life in such amazing ways.. And so I share the living “dream” of karate with my students.

I am probably more selective than many Sensei’s, whom, I will train. I will start teaching most anyone, but only continue the training to a high-level, with those that I decide, I want to profoundly mentor and help.

They say that the greatest accomplishment of a teacher is to raise up students who are equal and perhaps surpass the knowledge of the master. And when I see such developed skill sets in my students; then I know, I have realized the deeper elements of karate. By teaching people, to teach people, to teach people; … then long after I am gone, my work will continue. Truly it then becomes a discipleship tool, and a deeper level of serving my Lord and Master Jesus. And in knowing this, the satisfaction that I get from Karate is beyond my ability to describe in words. And in these moments of clarity, karate really has become in my life and others, a “dream!” So For me, Karate has become in fact, A “dream” come true!!!!

Tekki karate


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