Google Maps Reviews – Three Amigo Restaurant & Lessons Learned

So I wrote the following review today for a restaurant that I visited and posted it to Google maps. It was as follows:

I have been a Mexican fan for 45 years. I have eaten truest fare in Mexican Friends homes in Los Angeles, great Mexican originals on the Tijuana border and McCallen- Pharr Mexican border, in Texas. Enjoyed varieties all through the west & Midwest & mostly Americanized versions, in the Southeast. But more & more closer to true Mexican offerings seem to be popping up, due to the influx of more Spanish friends. And I must confess, when it comes to Mexican food I am not deeply picky. But I do know my Mexican food. And I’m a hot pepper Afficianado…. 🌶 ( I have raised my own for many years.)
Is still common even though I’m not incredibly picky , I have enough knowledge and experience to know what is excellent Mexican food. With restaurants you never know, the management can change tomorrow and it might not be the same experience.But they have some of the nicest Mexican chicken soup that you will find. Absolutely crammed full of shredded chicken breast. And cevichi is very hard to find even with the food being more prolific in the area. When my wife and I want an above average, nice Mexican dining experience with Really attentive service. We come here. And as of yet, it has not disappointed! – – If they stay on track with the way they are currently, neither will you be. It’s not real expensive but it is real good!

Reference: Amigos Mexican Grill, Wallburg, NC
(336) 701-0020

No points posted to Google maps for doing this review . At 1st that frustrated me. So I started reading where other people were complaining about not getting points or they’re not being fulfilling rewards for posting reviews. But it was me that was missing the point.

I get it now. You have to enjoy doing something for someone else. To get anything out of the rewards program. I personally get a lot out of the reviews that are left and enjoy giving others the same kind of information. Whether I’m paid for it or not. Also it can help someone decide to visit a restaurant that gives you excellent service. So in a way you’re benefiting Businesses that treat you right. I certainly like saying thank you. So that’s a good reward for me.

Quit waiting on a paycheck or a bunch of attaboys And rewards from Google. It’s not going to happen. The reward is helping educate your fellow man and helping them have better experiences. Just like the reviews that you read, helped you !

All the best.



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