Daily Sales Power from Slam!

Yep. I write a lot of sales tips, these days! I publish them on Twitter as ‏ @CCCDynaPro

Here is today’s menu of them; A-Z !

#Sales – A is for attitude. You need to have a great one daily to sell your best.

#Sales – B is for Best. You need not only strive to do a good job but do be your best, every day. Best Practices lead to best sales results.

#Sales – C is for confident and courteous. You need both to win in the selling dimension.

#Sales – D is for Do. You can’t plough a field turning it over in your head. Get busy and do the thing you need to do to succeed. 

#Sales – E is for enthusiasm-Sell with vitality & energy-You do not have to be raucous or emotional-But you do have to be upbeat & positive.

#Sales – F is for Flexible. Make plans but roll with the punches. Prioritization is a moment by moment need in today’s selling game. 

#Sales – G is for Genuine. People hate phony sales people. Be real in your work. Be honest.

#Sales – H is for humor. Nobody wants to buy from a cold dead fish. Enjoy people. Have a good time with them & they will buy more from you. 

#Sales – I is for innovative-Why should they buy from you? Give them a real reason-Something they didn’t expect 2 learn

#Sales – J is for joyous. People do not want to buy from someone with a sour pickle face. Smile & the world smiles with you. 

#Sales – K is for keen. Show eagerness and enthusiasm in your selling. Don’t ever JUST be there. Be There WHOLEHEARTEDLY, with gusto & vigor

#Sales – L is for listen. L is for listen Remember this every day-Remember this every meeting-Remember this every prospect! Actively listen! 

#Sales – M is for morale. Your good attitude will translate into good sales. Your poor attitude. Well, you know.

#Sales -N is for Notice-Notice things about Ur customer-Their hair, their accent, their tone, their clothes, their watch, their car-Notice! 

#Sales – O is for open-minded. You do not know it all-You can learn from every person you meet-If you have this attitude-you will sell more.

#Sales – P is for possible. Outside the box needs to be normal, if you are going to win big at the sales game. 

#Sales -Q is for question! Don’t know their name? Don’t know their interests? Don’t know their taste? Don’t know their buying ablility? Ask.

#Sales – R is for Reliable! Do what you say! Say what you do! Be someone people can count on.  Tim G Carter

#Sales – S is for simple. Some things require explanation. Some things require that you just spit it out. Do not complicate the simple.

#Sales – T is for training. No matter how good U think U R- U can always get better by working on Ur process & skills. https://gutsisthekey.com/category/work-related/sales-sales-training/ 

#Sales – U is for understanding. Customers are much quicker to buy from you; if they can see that you care about their wants and needs.

#Sales – V is for validate. Be ready to show credible evidence that what you tell the customer is true. #Confirmation is powerful stuff!

#Sales -W is for Wow! You need selling features & presentation points that create the Wow factor in ur customer’s mind!

#Sales – X is for the X factor. Ur customers can’t put a finger on it but there is just something about u that makes them want 2 buy from U!

#Sales – Y is for Yes! Help the customer get what they want and you will get the sales growth, you want!

#Sales – Y is for Yes! Thats what a customer wants 2 hear-U may work for U-U may work for a co. But NEVER FORGET U WORK FOR THE CUSTOMER!

#Sales – Z is for Zeal! Life is too short to do anything without passion. Put your heart in what you do!

@SteveGutzler has fired me up

re: helping you in the sales field!

Keep checking in. More to Come!


 “ To tend, unfailingly, unflinchingly, towards a goal, is the secret of success. ” Anna Pavlova (1881–1931) Russian ballerina


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3 Responses to Daily Sales Power from Slam!

  1. Great tips, Tim! So many people don’t seem to understand that they work for the CUSTOMER! Thanks for spelling it all out!

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