God is often in the whisper!

      I started to entitle this BEAM, “The Anonymity of God.” And that is certainly the theme of this writing. Yet, as I thought about it, it became clearer that saying: “God is often in the whisper!” would be a better way to show you what I mean. Let me explain.

The whisper of God

     I love spending time alone in the woods. My business partner from the 90’s and also my best friend and I,  love to go hunting together. Even so, as I write this article; we are on one of these hunting trips together.  And wow have we been visited by mother nature. So far, this trip in the woods after wild hogs has been so windy (up to 50 mph gusts) that in terms of the hunting, it has been fruitless.

     Yet while the hunting may have been negatively influenced. I still, have loved the time in the hunting stand just to get still, meditate, listen to the birds and watch the wildlife. Nature is an indispensable ingredient in my life. I have this spot inside me that seems to long for the outdoors. I know when I am getting a little edgy; it is probably time for a trip to the woods.

woods #1

      One of the parts of my being that seems to benefit from time alone in the majesty of the natural environment is an enhanced sense of my senses. Perhaps due to this, my prayer life often seems to benefit while enjoying these outdoor sojourns.

       This evening as I mused and just tried to melt into the landscape around me, in my stand; I also had a good season of communion and worship with God.  Yet, It always amazes me that God who is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient also seems to be so behind the scenes and inconspicuous.

God Working Behind the scenes

        While observing nature, I spoke and sang to God in the serene setting of the wooded lane I was perched in. I couldn’t help but wonder why God didn’t just suddenly put on a celestial light show, to get my attention. It was plain that He was there and the moving clouds and wisps of wind had definite hints of His Spirit attached. But my entertainment mindset wondered “why don’t you do a sci-fi, firework like display, God?” As I felt the gentle chuckle of His Spirit at the immaturity of His child; my answer came to me, all too clear.

Whisper-of-God 2

       As I glanced 1,000+ yards across a field to another tree line, I could barely make out the stand in which I knew my closest friend on earth was perched.  I could not see him but I knew he was there. I could not feel his presence but I knew he was very close. There was no immediate evidence of his unwavering loyalty as my most devoted friend and yet it was a very obvious fact. I couldn’t hear him or touch him but yet I knew that if I needed him, Cecil Stanley would be there for me.

       As the plain realization of the realness of my friend came in to view; I knew I had my answer from my Maker. Wow! My request for a theatrical show from God was answered so plainly and so clearly; yet in God’s own style of humble, Anonymity.

God Whispers 3

     In the same way as my friend nearby today. often I can not see God with me but I still know that He is there. I can not always feel His presence and yet plainly, I know He is very close. There is not always an immediate evidence of His unfailing love and compassion, yet plenty of demonstrations in the past have made it clear to me, even when it is not evident in the moment. I can’t always seem to have the touch of God just when I want it, the way I want it; but I can still know for sure; that when I need Him, He will be there. Such is the humble, non-obtrusive way that God deals with us.

     Maybe this is why Jesus was born in a lowly estate, to normal people in an animal stable. Maybe that is why He often told people not to tell of His miracles. Maybe that is why He instructed His disciples to do their good so that it is un-noticed by others. Maybe that is why, he said that you must become like a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven.

whisper of God

      This faith proposition is the very stuff by which the world was born by our Creator’s Power. He spoke the world into being. And that which was not before, came into being. Whether you understand the creation proposition, through a massive Big Bang or through everything suddenly appearing through some microscopically condensed black hole. You are still left with the same proposition. Either everything came from nothing. Or something (or SomeOne) caused it all to be. And for me, the faith proposition makes this plain and easy. The same “I Am” who spoke the world into existence, without witness or human fanfare; asks me to see his quiet, behind the scenes influence today.

God whispers 4

       That is always the way it is with God. He is never showy, flamboyant or neon. He is incredibly powerful when He moves. But normally chooses to move in very humble ways.

       Any of you ever read this story? God did not appear to Elijah in the mountain tearing and earth shattering wind. God did not appear to Elijah in the Quake that shook the earth. God did not appear to Elijah in the power of fire. God DID appear to Elijah in the gentle whisper. 1 Kings 19:11-13

      Even so, you may find God in His whisper around you today. The gentleness of a baby. The spark of first love. The enthusiasm of a worthy cause. The faithful companionship of a loyal friend. The frailty of a senior soul. All around you there are signs that you may be overlooking that are God’s voice to you. You may be looking for a shout. But God may be trying to get you to listen to a whisper.

DadMakingAPoint-195x213 (2)                                                                                                                 Yes, Slam was a Preacher!

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1 Response to God is often in the whisper!

  1. Thanks for sharing this post, Tim. I believe the whispers within are the whispers of the soul, the whispers of Truth, the path to the light that has always been within. It is this sacred divinity that connects us all.

    When I lose touch with those whispers, I too, seek to the woods, to being in nature where i feel connected, at peace, and I can hear my soul singing again.

    The whispers are always there when we are ready to listen. 🙂

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