Having a Growth Oriented Business Mindset

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   Powerful Concepts are more easily absorbed and utilized, when represented by something we can remember. HOPE  and incurable optimism is a driving force behind every entrepreneur. We believe we can achieve or we would never try. So the easy memory word for your victory mindset is HOPE. 


    Consider this definition of HOPE to empower your new business ideas. H.O.P.E. equals High Octane Positive Energy. The fuel propelling you to action will either sustain you through the growth of your business or cause you to give up, when the chips are down.

outrageously positive

    So here are some specific ideas on how to integrate and harness High Octane Positive Energy in your business mindset.

1-  Resolve to have Guts. You can not score a home run until you swing. And when you swing, you must hit it squarely and follow through fully.

2- Harness the power of multiplied Results. Use this power phrase: Positive x Positive = UnlimitedTo win, you must form a chain of good Reinforcing Behaviors. Then, Consistently apply these actions. This focus will lead to the addition and multiplication of your efforts. 

3- Work on a healthy sense of worth. Find, accept & practice your own value.. Self-worth is not self-ish .. Value can not be given, unless possessed first. You must own it before you can give it away.

4- Invest yourself in your goals … Harness the power of Resolve. Be committed to your work.

5- Learn to look at things from different perspectives. Look at your challenges upside down and inside out. Take another point of view, often.

6 – Know your Why. – No venture can be sustained without a good reason. Motivation only works, when for a purpose.

7- Fulfill your potential – Start now and stay on task. Utilize Inventive Determination. Practice Creating Solutions.

Follow these concepts to invest High Octane Positive Energy in your business.

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finish the work

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Tim Carter (“Slam”)

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