Business Management Tip – Plan to seek advice

•Business Management Tip

   Going into a business is in many respects like going into a marriage. It is wise to plan In Advance; for counselors to help you, if you have problems! Have a proactive plan for overcoming challenges and growing.  Problems are normal in everything; especially business. To increase your odds of success; anticipate roadblocks.

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     Difficulties will happen. Problems will occur. Decide Upfront, how to get the advice of others, already successful in the field you’re going into. Begin Networking with great minds with a strong track record in your area. There is no time more difficult to gain Inspiration and yet more critical to do so; than when you are in the midst of the problems, of a growing business.

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    Adopt an Accountability Partner, with a winning track record. I have found it critical in past endeavors and necessary for future business plans, to follow examples of successful models. This is important for creating a business and also for growing it. Your success scenario greatly improves, when you have good advisers.

   Accountability keeps you on track. Good business allies will hold you to your word. They will tell you the truth, when others wont. So, Link up now with wise advisers. There are mentors in nearly every field, who will help you evaluate and improve, if you let them.


     Pride goes before a fall. Don’t be afraid to ask; how to best manage your business operations. The wiser I become with God’s help; the more I need the advice of others. We often can not see things about ourselves, that we really need to see.

     Ask qualified leadersfor advice about your business practices. [Be prepared to appreciate what they say; even when you don’t like it.] Be proactive now. Plan to have wise business advisers.


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